NYC Hospital Shooting, Suspect Arrested in Bronx #shorts

Japan’s Nuclear Debacle and The Cover-Up

News on Sunday from Japan proves a cover-up of the horrific nuclear disaster. The smoking gun was the report on Fukushima reactors 5 and 6 being secured. These reactors were never an issue.

Anand Krishna – The Inspiration of Life

Wednesday (16/3), although he was weak, Anand Krishna kept his promise to go to court in the State Court of South Jakarta. This productive author of more than 140 books arrived at Ampera Raya Street at 14:20 west Indonesian time. Eight days since Wednesday (9/3), the inter-religious spiritual leader has been on a hunger strike in Cipinang Penitentiary.

Why Only Kerala?

Endosulfan is widely used in quantities exceeding 1,000 KL in the states of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal. Kerala has traditionally used very little Endosulfan, in comparison only a reported 550 litres. Yet, no health incidences have been reported in the former listed regions.

The Water Element In Chinese Metaphysics – The Philosopher

In Chinese Metaphysics, the Water Element is best characterized by its ability to take on different forms – under heat, it becomes steam, under extreme cold, it turns to ice; it can rush down from a high mountain or in giant waves to the beach; as a lake, it always levels itself to a smooth surface. All these characteristics, we find in a person whose birth chart (basis of a Personality Analysis) is dominated by Water – being particularly flexible this person will adjust to situations quickly and is able to move through the passages of life with ease…

Armageddon: The Coming Of The Dead

Friday March 11th dawned like any other day in Japan. Japanese people traditionally start their day early. The streets were crowded in the morning, people rushing to work, catching appointments, meeting friends, closing business deals. Wrapping all the work during the last day of the week to look forward to a well deserved rest for the weekend.

Japan Crisis: Get Involved Today

The earth shook, the windows shattered, walls twisted, collapsed, protruded as the water was pulled back like a slingshot, releasing at speeds topping 600 miles per hour, a 30 ft wall smashed the coastline of Japan. Within 24 hours, mothers were in line to receive rations of rice and water. Fathers were shoveling mud from their homes and businesses; determined to start their lives over again. Yet, in the midst of their resiliency, the threat of cancer causing radiation looms over their land.

Malnutrition in India – Revealing and Disturbing Facts

Malnutrition in India is a serious condition which needs to be tackled on an immediate basis. With research and reports revealing the severity of malnutrition in India, it is time to join hands with the government of India to accelerate the remedial measures to a much wider scale across India.

Tears For Japan Will Lead To A Boom

The fears that this will be devastating to the global economy are dead wrong. Japan was already in a world of hurt, financially speaking.

The Emerging Arab Whiz-Kids

It used to be that if you mentioned the term ‘Arab world’ to any Westerner, the first thing that would pop into their heads was oil, deserts and so on. But looking at current events, the word ‘Arab’ is synonymous with revolution. But the good news is that I see a silver lining to this dark cloud: I think after the dust has settled, the word ‘Arab’ will become inextricably associated with young innovators or ‘whiz-kids’, creative and extremely savvy in how they use social media to positively re-shape the world.

Can ‘Charter Cities’ Create Opportunity?

Each year about 75,000 Hondurans try to reach the United States to seek economic opportunity. A new plan, however, would try to bring opportunity to Hondurans rather than the other way around.

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