NYC Flight Makes Emergency Landing Due to Unruly Passenger #shorts

Pirates and Terrorists

Pirates became big news in 2008 and 2009. Though not as characters in a movie or a musical with eye patches, knives and parrots. In the waters off East Africa, groups of young men from Somalia armed with automatic rifles attacked oil tankers and freighters.

Diplomacy Think Tank Topics

We put too much pressure on our leaders to mend fences with other nations. There have been wars in the past and human conflicts that have been branded into the historical record of their cultures. It’s not easy to change those things overnight, especially when the offspring of the parents who are involved in those wars remember all too well.

A Secular Nation That We Are

How is secularism preached and practiced in India are the two questions which are the basic premise for this Article. Even though superficially it might look the same but in reality it might not be so.

What Is The History of Human Rights?

The history of recorded human rights begins with Cyrus The Great in Persia thousands of years ago. It then comes forward to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Creating Effective Partnerships to Combat HIV Among Young Adults in Developing Countries

HIV is a worldwide epidemic. New global HIV estimates, released by the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) and the World Health Organization (WHO), underscore the continued severity of the HIV pandemic.

Iraq and The UN Sanction – How It Came To Be

The United Nations sanction on Iraq started after the Iraqi nation took it upon itself to invade the neighboring country of Kuwait. This was exactly in the 6th day of august, in 1990; which marked the fourth day after their Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. Because if the invasion, the united nations security council was forced to pass Resolution 661, through which a comprehensive sanction was imposed on Iraq. A committee was even established to monitor the success of the sanction on the country.

A Banquet For Genuine Nigerians

Nigeria as a nation is in festive mood. There are arrangements in place right now to mark her 50th Independence Anniversary come October 1st 2010. This, without mincing words tells us that there’s going to be a great banquet – a banquet for genuine Nigerians! The word genuine may jolt you a little, but I mean every inch of it. It is high time we started paying attention to excellence.

Why Is It Taking So Long to Form a Govt?

Why can’t Iraq form a government? It’s been six months since the elections and there is still no sign of a formal government.

15 Middle East Facts You May Not Know

The Middle East (ME) is constantly on the cover of magazines and in news stories because of oil production and unrest. The region of countries is laden with natural resources, culture and religious devotion. There is more to the Middle East than just oil fields.

Middle East New Reports: Obama and Ahmadinejad Interaction a Bit Different Than Described

Anne Bayefsky is a widely known Human Rights Activist with a resume that goes on for miles. In a recent report published through MGI News, Bayefsky describes events at the opening of the General Assembly in New York City, New York a bit differently than major new affiliates. While affiliates in the United States were focusing on the claims of a United States connection to the September 11th attacks, Bayefsky describes a President Obama many Americans may not see.

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