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China’s Conversion to Communism

How did China become a communist country? What were the major changes the communist government made directly after taking control?

All Is Fair in Fair Trade, and Coffee Beans!

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, ” It is not fair to ask others, what you are unwilling to do yourself”. If you agree with this statement, then when did it ever become ok to pay two cents an hour to some factory worker in countries like China, Shri Lanka or India? You would be up in arms if your employer tried to make you work all day for a mere two cents an hour. Even if you worked a twelve hour day, you would only receive 24 cents(providing no taxes were taken off that). In North America, many of us make that in one minute of work. If your employer tried to pull this on you, you would be calling the Ministry of labour citing a long list of complaints against this unfair practice. You might even call your lawyer to report this injustice. As unfair as this sounds, why does it continue to happen across the globe, and do these unfair employment practices have an effect in other areas?

UFO’s in China

Last week there was this Big news about UFO in China which they said was filmed for about 40 minutes. They said they will follow up this with a lot of meetings and evaluations and such. Did we hear anything after that? No!

The Twenty First Century Country Leader

When President Obama came to Ghana, he made a striking comment in his address at Parliament. He said: “The 21st century country is a country that is ready to do things for herself and not look for assistance from the outside”. This is indeed a true statement because all the advanced countries worked for their own economy and Obama needed to discourage Ghana and Africa from looking for assistance from the outside world.

Gandhi and the Nobel Prize

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was a great leader of the Indian freedom movement. Many people feel that independence was due to his efforts. Though, the real facts are somewhat different and the main catylist was the fact that the British after the second World war were so weary that they left.

Deriving Economic Freedom For the Third World Countries

For third world countries that are not able to grow enough to feed their country men and women, the only solution to this challenging situation is to empower and motivate the local farmers to work. The awareness and sense of responsibility to duty must first of all be created in the minds of the farmers in readiness to meet the task. This then calls for massive support of man-power and human resource to create an enabling atmosphere.

The Rescue of The Chilean Miners

At 0010 (0310 GMT) the last remaining Chilean miner trapped 624m underground was elevated to the haven of the surface. With the rescue mission commencing at 2315 on Tuesday (0215 GMT), it took a little over 24 hours to hoist every one of the 33 miners to safety in an operation which will be hailed for years to come, and which will be imprinted on the minds of all who followed the rescue live on television.

Keeping Up With International News

The world continues to be interconnected as a result of the increasing reliance of nations upon each other. No one can discount the importance of staying aware of what is going on in their region and beyond. Events seem to have a domino effect and something that affects a far off country may have a significant impact on the entire world.

Tibet’s Merge With China

How did Tibet merge with China? Where are the Tibetans who refused to merge? You will learn the answers to all these questions and more.

Italy: Most Numbered World Heritage Sites

Specific areas from several countries are nominated and then reviewed by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNSECO) based on culture and natural value they possess in assessing if it is to consider as one of the 911 heritage sites in the world at present. Out of all these heritage sites, 704 are cultural, 180 are natural, and 27 are mixed properties. All are finalized to be inscribed in the World Heritage List last June, 2010 as concurred 187 State Parties.

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