NYC Comes Together to Mourn Again at Public Wake for Slain NYPD Officer Wilbert Mora | News 4 Now

When Is The Chinese New Year in 2011?

The Chinese New Year is the biggest celebration in the Chinese calendar. It’s more important than birthday or holidays. This coming year, Chinese New Year will be celebrated on February 3, 2011. 2011 is known as the year of Rabbit or by its formal name XinMao.

A Kiss – How It Is Regarded by South Indians?

Different cultures among countries interpret certain body languages differently according to their own cultures. A kiss is very commonly accepted in the western countries as a mark of respect and love whereas in South India it is not so. You can find here how Indians – particularly South Indians – regard a Kiss between a male and a female.

Immigration Into Ireland

Towards the end of the 1990s Ireland became a prosperous country. The Celtic Tiger as it was known lasted from 1995 to 2007. From 2000 on thousands of non national workers and asylum seekers came to Ireland.

The Police and the 26/11 Terror Attack in Mumbai

The Police and the 26/11 Terrorist Attack in Mumbai Recently one of my friends while going through a job portal on the net came across an opening asking for a head of security. But what intrigued him was a line that stated service personnel (armed forces) are not preferred. I would have dismissed such an ad as a joke but for the fact that serious issues are involved.

Lockerbie Bomber Released – Killed 270, 189 Americans – Wikileak: “Timid US Response” – For Shame!

What is the purpose of government? It exacts taxes from its citizenry and is expected to provide them protection! But does the US today protect its citizens: at the Arizona-Texas borders against Mexican drug-smuggler-killers; or protect its soldiers at Fort Hood against home-grown Islamic terrorist-officers in its own military; or protect the mourning family members of the Lockerbie victims against the added grief of seeing the killer escape punishment? Government protection was given to the killer, Abdelbaset Mohmed Ali al-Megrahi, by his government, Libya, Moammar Khaddafi demanding and getting his release from prison – then parading him as a a victorious hero in the streets of its capitol, Tripoli. In stark contrast was the behavior of the United States, in protecting the rights to justice of his 189 victims and their grieving families.

Christmas Gimmick in China

If you are from the West and you will tour the main land China during Christmas season these days, you will not feel the loneliness of being away from home especially if you will stay at Crowne Plaza Hotel. Dressed in a Santa suit, Richard Goodman hopes to make Chinese people discover what Christmas means in the other part of the world. He is a 63 year old retiree from the aerospace industry who wishes to make a living out of making people happy by bringing the old Santa to life.

Is It Possible for the Search Engine Giant to Take the World Under Control?

In today’s world of internet, among all others Google is undoubtedly one of the favorites. So, there is a common notion that this search engine giant is unbeatable and is going to take over the world. HTML Goodies is indeed the most recent group, which stated that Google will surely be able to take the whole world under its control. However, in spite of this statement there remains a doubt. So, before declaring such a thing it is better to clarify certain things.

The Vision of A the Future Democratic Nation of Cuba: In Honor to The Free Cuban Movement in Miami

The vision of the future Cuba has started. Democracy in Cuba should be in place today, tomorrow, and forever. We will be committed to create an authentic democracy in Cuba that will benefit the entire world.

Baluchistan Crisis Calls for Immediate All Parties Conference

The situation reminds us of the panic in East Pakistan before the Fall of Dacca. The common Balochs, who are the victims of terrorism and state autocracy, have only one slogan i.e. freedom. Baloch leadership has camouflaged either in mountains or is out of the region, but the Baloch liberation army is continuously busy in executing armed attacks across the province.

US President Looks Increasingly Weak, Risks Losing Re-Election in 2012

While many analysts assign the huge midterm elections loss as the Democratic Party’s-and Obama’s-point of decline, many others believe that the president’s strength was in shackles long before. Looking increasingly weak, President Obama will need to make a drastic shift in policy in order to remain in the White House after 2012.

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