NYC Barbershop Robbery Caught on Camera

God Is Killing the World As We Know It

Humans are not to blame for what is happening to the earth. We are controlled by a force that created everything and man does not have the ability to remove what God set in place.

Dual Use Innovative Space Technology and Propulsion Systems and the Chinese

Recently, Chinese Scientists were told they could not participate in a NASA event covering topics of planetary exploration and astrophysics. This angered the Chinese obviously, but it also caught a few American Scientists off guard as well.

The Bride of Christ Facts and Fiction

The world has been tricked by religious fraud and is suffering the consequences. While things like a virgin birth, heaven and hell, and eternal suffering by the dead are impossibilities many will continue to believe in them because they have been brainwashed from birth.

Beyond the Human Mind

Its only known to those who have reincarnated and can feel the Spirit and who are gifted with insight into reality. They need no church or teacher to inform them of right and wrong and they rarely enter such an establishment for peace or understanding. What they have is beyond the mind to recognise and beyond the scope of others to achieve.

Constantine Built the First Vatican

While people continue to worship the false gods created or implemented by Constantine the world suffers under the rules he imposed. The New Testament is not a record of the so-called son of God but a fictional composite of what his religion wants us to believe. The motivation was and is power and control.

Babylon the Great As Identified in Revelation 17?

The reference in Revelation 17 is rather shocking in its meaning, The reason goes back to the time of sun worship and the crucifixion of god-men who are all Christs, or men on crosses, of whom it was believed that no matter how many died to mate with the sun they were all deemed successful. The term ‘h-or’ comes from the sun-star seen on the mountain peaks with whom they married.

Christianity Is an Invention of Constantine

The fact that he has got away with the worst crime ever is enough to make anyone angry. But people will possibly be more angry when they know the facts than with the cover up of the invention of Jesus Christ.

The Obama Administration And Foreign Policy

It seems something is amiss. We were told in 2008 that Barack Obama would do much better in international affairs, diplomacy, and foreign policy than John McCain. Personally, when I heard that, I felt that was a really reaching claim. However, the Junior Senator Barack Obama’s handlers did have some international business experience, George Soros for instance. Then we watched Obama tour Europe while campaigning – which I thought was troubling, as he was running for President of the United States of America, not the European Union.

Spiritual Healing Is Power From God

Miracles are rarely highlighted while actions by people like the Pope, who has never brought healing to anyone, are praised and lauded over. The real God, the Spirit of the Universe, is hidden by the false idols and forms of worship that deliver people into a state of ignorance.

Disasters at Christmas Are a Common Occurrence

With Christmas just a few short weeks away many are already planning the festival with a degree of gusto. It’s a time of get together and fun but it also brings tragedy and regret.

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