NY Gov. Kathy Hochul Gives COVID-19 Updates

Our Political Divide on Syria – What Diplomatic Tact Do We Take Now?

Well, the media seems to be bombarding us with Super Tuesday News, but that is hardly all that is going on in the world. Perhaps, the results of Super Tuesday will affect other major events around the globe too, as the US is at crunch time to make a decision what to do in Syria, and that will effect what happens in the future with Iran, especially considering they just had their election, and Russia too, both involved in Syria’s civil war and bloodshed. How we play this will determine human history in the Middle East for the remainder of…

Mr Putin: End These Wrongs

The greatest problems with Russia that need addressing are an unreformed court system, deadly military hazing and domestic violence. Solving these problems will improve both Russia and its standing in the world.

Is China the Next Global Power

China has a very ancient civilization, which stretches back to 400 years. At that time China was known as the ‘middle kingdom’ and was the centre of the world. But history has a cycle and that cycle sent China hurtling down as the European powers led by England and France came to the fore.

Things As They Are

What life have we got in 2012? What can we have in the 21st century? Weather and earth forecasts, predictions from psychics, statistics from historians, feasibility studies from scientists, economics from traders, lifestyles from tribes and communities, education from teachers, and false promises from a number of public and private servants, among others.

Is China Pleased Our Military Is Busy Being Challenged by Iran and North Korea?

China is our biggest trading partner and therefore one of our biggest allies right? Well, theoretically that should be the case, as Americans and Chinese get along fine. Americans like Chinese food and we all have friends who are Chinese-Americans – we go to school and work together.

The UN’s Declaration of Human Rights – Critique

The United Nation was created after WWII and obviously after the failures of the League of Nations, it made sense to pay attention as to not repeat history or allow such ruthless totalitarian regimes and nation-states from doing what was done in the past period. The UN using their declaration of human rights hopes to limit such power of nations overpowering their populations to do the unthinkable to their own people and the people of other nations. This makes sense right?

The “Social” Conscience of America Is Alive and Well Among Our Nation’s Young People

Among my list of Friends are my three teenage sons. I consider this both a blessing and a curse, and I’m convinced that the only reason I’m still Friends with them is because they forgot that they once accepted me in a weak moment some years ago during their respective days of innocence. I would be an easy Facebook Friend to forget, since I’m rarely on it, and never choose to comment on or “Like” any of their postings. It’s better that way.

This Decade of Dying Fiat Currencies

Countries are now starting to look very carefully at their true wealth and are now focused on Gold to protect their countries short term future. Fiat currencies continue to loose their value, and with deflation creeping in, Central banks around the world are now cranking out paper money faster than ever before. This is leading those Fiat currencies on a one way trip to the graveyard. Silver and Gold are well poised to again protect your personal wealth, as high inflation erodes bank savings in the next few years.

Japan, 1 Year After The Tsunami – With Justin McCurry, Tokyo Correspondent at The Guardian

While Japan continues to recover at this critical point in time, AsianTalks spoke with Justin McCurry, Tokyo correspondent at The Guardian, one of Britain’s most widely read and highly regarded newspapers. McCurry has worked as a journalist and has lived in Japan for the better part of two decades, covering a wide range of topics. He has not only been responsible for ongoing post-3/11 coverage for the newspaper, he’s also written about Japan’s culinary scene, and finds himself increasingly covering stories unfolding in South Korea. We checked in with him this month to get a temperature reading on Japan today, and where the nation finds itself one year after Tohoku. What we encountered was a portrait of a resilient society that is looking for “a fresh start” and ways to “make their communities more sustainable,” which for McCurry are just some of the reasons why Japan continues to interest and engage him as a journalist.

A Look Inside Burma’s Press Freedom, Business and Election – With Aung Thura and Patrick Boehler

This month we were fortunate to host two Asia-based professionals with deep insights into Burma. Yangon-based Aung Thura is a Burmese national and returnee whose guarded optimism about the latest developments in his native homeland underscored the hopeful cheers of a world waiting for true democracy to take hold. Hong Kong expatriate Patrick Boehler provided focused commentary on the political situation and his experience with Burmese refugees in Kuala Lumpur. Both confirmed Southeast Asia is quite possibly one of the most dynamic and interesting regions in the world today.

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