NY Could Fast Track 3 Casinos for NYC, Including One Atop Saks Fifth Avenue

Preparing Tomorrow’s African Leaders Today – Interview With Prof Ncube

This article is an online interview I conducted with Professor Mthuli Ncube of Wits Business School (WBS) of the University of Witwatersrand, South Africa. That University is 40 years old this year and I wanted to know some of its achievement over the years and its future plans.

Listen Credit Card Companies And Banks (Get Business In Billions)

For example, in Nepal there are thousands of graduate students who want to study online, paying a few dollars for the course. Unfortunately, they do have money but when they want a Visa or a Master card they are told to deposit a large sum in US dollars.

If Mary Had Labored For Days

A VVF occurs when the baby rubs a lengthy time-as in labor-against the mother’s delicate tissues, producing a hole from which urine and waste materials leak after childbirth. Unless surgery is done, the young mothers will remain incontinent with a constant, embarrassing odor and become social outcasts. This health problem plays a high risk in the poor countries of Africa, Asia, and some Arab states. The World Health Organization estimates more than 2 million women as young as 9 suffer from VVR with 50,000 to 100,000 new cases each year.

Earthquake Devastates Southwestern China

The desolating situation in China has created not only compassion in our hearts, but also a sense of fear in our minds. While facing the wrath of Mother Nature, it is important to know how to protect ourselves, should we become the targets of another natural disaster.

Spain And Immigration

Spain unused to large scale immigration until the end of the 20th century, had to adjust to the need for foreign workers to man the growth of its booming economy. Beginning with north Africans and east Europeans, Spain has increasingly extended its welcome to south Americans and West Europeans who are more easily integrated into Spanish society.

Track3 – Yet Another Stage Show

So, yet another drama by the Afghan ruler? President Hamid Karzai escaped unscathed last Sunday after being attacked by furious militants carrying guns and rockets, when he was reviewing a high profile parade. The attack erupted soon after Karzai had reached the platform, following an inspection of troops and as a score-plus gun salute was ringing out across the city to mark the 16th anniversary of the fall of the last communist government.

The Pope And The President – A Glimpse Of The Future

Many unresolved issues were simmering beneath the friendly exchange of President Bush with Pope Benedict XVI at the Vatican last June. Are the United States and the Holy Seen growing closer together or drifting further apart?

Don’t Cross The Border – There’s Video Security Recording Going On

It is a documented fact that a mixed bag of 1,000 Mexicans and other aliens tried to conquer the border to reach the US through the southwest rim. The people brave the heat and cold and the hardships just to get across. Some die along the lonely mountains – their motionless bodies captured harshly by video security recording that tells the brutal tale.

A Cup of Tea and a Good Moan – The New Great Depression

Britain seems to be on a brink of a great depression. First it was the oil, then it was house prices, then the mortgages and loans, then it was the oil again, then the food, and just for luck; the oil again. Is it just me or is Britain about to topple over the edge?

UN’s Zero-tolerance Policy

Sexual exploitation and abuse by UN peacekeepers has been a major problem faced by UN authorities. Children young as 6 has been bribed with food, money and even mobile phones in exchange for sex. There are 17 UN peace keeping missions around the world.

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