No Heat, Leaks, Rodents and More: NYC Tenants Demand Living Condition Changes

TWA 747; an International Terrorist Act?

Was the TWA 747, which crashed off the coast of New York and accident or was it an international terrorists event. It appears that the TWA 747, which crashed off the coast of New York was an international terrorist act and it was brought down by the terrorists.

Escalation in the War on International Terrorism

We have noticed an escalation in the War on International Terrorism and we see that Israel has had enough and is going after Hezbollah with vengeance in Lebanon. Indeed every Nation has a right to defend themselves from International Terrorism. Is Israel going too far?

Mexican Flag – Celebrating Mexican Sovereignty

The Mexican Flag has changed 8 times during recorded history. Some of the changes have been minor, some major but throughout history, many details of the flag and coat of arms have remained constant. The features that have remained constant are the stripes of green, white & red, the eagle, with a serpent, perched on a cactus, which sits on a rock, found in a lake. What’s changed? Find out here…

The Insurgency in Southern Thailand

A brief history of the insurgency in southern Thailand brought up to the present day. Thai premier Surayud Chulanont has reacted to escalating violence in Thailand’s southernmost regions by traveling to the area and making his latest move towards ending decades of violence.

National Pride – Country Pride – Territorial Pride – International Pride

Try to have a perception of the World that has no country borders to divide people. A perception where people don’t draw circles around their territories so no one can get in. This is an International perception.

Thailand’s Coup and Constitution – Where Are We Going With This?

It is difficult not to judge Thailand with Western eyes as Western eyes are all that I possess, but there often come times when the confused ideology of the Thai people seems to suggest a state of little cohesion. Foreigners continually impose Western ideals on a very Eastern land, but in a country where Western concepts are infused with Eastern ideologies, one cannot help but question the virtue of leaving Thailand to its own devices. Thailand consistently adopts elements of Western culture – the ‘Golden Mile’ of innumerable shopping malls in Siam, popular culture, fashion, …

Lance Rants on Socialists Who Wish to Appease International Terrorists to Prevent War

There are many people in the world who believe war must be avoided at all costs, because people die in wars. Indeed they do, but when injustice is going on in the World people also die. And when Nation States who sponsor international terrorism make Atomic Bombs and Nuclear Warheads

Israeli War Planes Bomb Beirut International Airport

Israelis have bombed the Beirut International Airport because it is being used to bring weapons into Lebanon to use against Israel. The runways have been bombed and the airport can no longer be used. Israelis have also bombed to smaller airports and put them out of commission. Hezbollah has been using the airports to bring in weapons.

German Hamlet of Asia

The silent waves of Gulf of Mannar towards the sandy shores of Marawila, a western coastal town of Sri Lanka was creating a symphony of ecstasy, made by mind often in a state of standstill. Watching the horizon of the shiny blue sky, above the Indian Ocean, while sipping blended coffee is always an unforgettable experience at the beach-end restaurant of Aquarius Sports Resort Hotel, which is surrounded by greeneries of scenic view, which is unique only to this Island-paradise.

Paradise Regained, Paradise Lost

This year marks the 26th anniversary of the return of the Sinai by Israel to Egypt–a day of mourning by many of the 2,000 settlers who settled and later were forcibly evacuated by Israeli authorities under the command of today’s prime minister, Ariel Sharon, from the seaside city of Yamit on the Mediterranean. Chaim and Sarah Feifel, former Cincinnatians, arrived in Yamit in 1976 and wanted their future grandchildren to remember them as pioneers who started a new Israeli city. Now they’re looking back at the days when paradise was regained and subsequently lost.

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