NJ Teen Says He Was Defending Friend in Mall Brawl Before Cops Cuffed Him | News 4 Now

Ukraine Changes, But Where?

According to researches of level of corruption in the countries of the world which last year were spent by international human rights organisation Transparency International, in Ukraine courts, parliament and enforcement authorities are considered as the most corrupted bodies. Our nearest neighbours – Poles – have on the contrary put to courts and parliament the highest estimations. Thus judicial systems of two countries are in many respects similar.

The Inter-Services Intelligence & Its Nefarious Activities

A Coin Note Examiner of Reserve Bank of India, blessed with a photographic memory was in the habit of examining serial numbers of currency notes passing through his hands. Sometime in the Sixties, it so happened that he came across two pieces of hundred-rupee notes bearing exactly the same details in all respects! And as is to be expected it caused a great furor!

Brussels Reveals Budget Increase For Research

European Union announced to increase budget for scientific research and innovation next year. The programme is aimed at creating more jobs and developing “a more competitive and greener Europe”, the European Commission says.

Robots Will Continue to Be the Focus of British Space Effort For Foreseeable Future

Despite a successful commercial space telecoms, technologies and explorations sector, the UK Space Agency is unwavering over its policy on human space exploration. This short articles looks into the issue.

Real Asian News

Having worked in the publishing industry for some time, I became acutely aware of the shortage of genuinely Asian content, written from an Asian perspective on stories that may not make the front pages on most major international publications. It’s not that there was a lack of coverage, it’s just that living in Asia, you’d seldom get the feeling that what was being reported in large newspapers like the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times, while accurate, was reflective of the concerns and priorities of the populace.

Nazi Germany, the Beginning of Pristine Branding For Pure Evil (1921 – 1924)

On April 20, 1889, in a small Austrian village by the name of Braunau Am Inn, the infamous Adolf Hitler was born. The Beginning – WWI After failing to get into art school and failing to earn a living or having a set place to stay prior to 1914, Adolf Hitler eagerly volunteered to join the German army after WWI was set in place following the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. Unfortunately, thousands of Hitler’s fellow soldiers (he fought in a Bavarian Regiment) were killed in the masses.

Africa – The New Springboard

For the past few decades it has been alleged that if you put ten Africans in a race, the fastest American would take position eleven. And so it has been the case for the other sports arenas such as boxing, tennis, golf – sorry, soccer. One would also correctly argue that the former boxing world champions Mohamed Ali and Mike Tyson as American citizens but of African descend. The same brush may also be used to paint Serena Williams and Tiger Woods for the Tennis and Golf sports respectively. So what about Africa?

Attacking Iran – Is There an Option?

In the next few weeks Russia will install nuclear fuel rods in Iran’s nuclear reactor, thus making it environmentally dangerous to destroy. Can Israel and the world afford to let Iran generate the plutonium they need to make nuclear weapons?

Civil Society Organizations – From Acknowledgement to Devolvement, the Path to Effective Networking

It is noted that in the 1970s and 1980s, notorious east European intellectuals coined the concepts of civil society and voluntarism as they sought means to frame peaceful grassroots dynamics to create a “parallel polis” and limit the scope of communist power by and large. After the lost decades of developments, the 1980s became the decade of “rectification,” in some ways, echoing Soviet perestroika leading to the collapse of East European radical communism.

The Prediction is WWIII Will Start After an Arab-Israeli Peace Treaty is Signed

I hope your a student of prophesy because, if you are, you should be closely watching for news on the new Arab/Israeli Peace talks that have just started… The Prediction is WW III will start after an Arab/Israeli Peace treaty is signed. I notice the formal talks have just been announced on the 23/08/2010 and Hilary Clinton was part of the announcement.

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