NJ Plow Driver Covers 2 Jewish Men With Snow, Laughs in Video Posted Online

Chinese Professional Women, Poor Farmers Left Out in the Cold

With over 20 million men of marriage age more than women it would seem that it would be easy for women to find a husband with so many to choose from. Well things aren’t always as they seem. Some women, due to Chinese class structure, still end up “old maids” before they end up getting old.

The Native Diet

Water, energy, recycling and Agriculture are some of the key areas being targeted in an attempt to inspire people to care about the planet. Perhaps the benefits of a native diet could offer some incentive.

EB5 Visa Program Makes Green Card Dream Reality For Foreign Investors

America has long been known as the land of opportunity, the place where dreams can become reality. Thanks to the Immigrant Investor Program foreign investors who dream of becoming American citizens can turn their dreams into reality in just six short months with the EB5 Visa program.

Human Programs

Each person (homo sapiens) is a bio-robot with an individual program (or “software”). Without an operating system (“software”) a computer cannot function; without a program – a person too does not function. Human program is a set of main functions that allows management of all psychophysiology of a person. The program distinguishes one homo sapiens from another.

Top 10 Asian Traditional Costumes of Asia

Asian societies are known for being the oldest human societies on the earth. The modernization of ancient nations like Japan and China in the last century has aroused interest in people to know a great deal about early Asian cultures. Many who learn about these ancient cultures are fascinated by the distinct costume traditions of many countries in Asia.

Strategy for Action: Using Force Wisely in the 21st Century

As I write now, Afghanistan and Iraq are still playing out, arguably two individual campaigns of a more complex political contest where international terrorism, inspired by extremist Islam, is both a symptom and a tactic. Elsewhere, contemporary developments in North Korea, Iran, Pakistan, Georgia and Gaza give pause for thought.

English Speaking Nations Celebrate the Holidays

In just a few short days, Christmas will finally be here. Though citizens of Ireland, Canada, the UK and Australia all share the same language, these nations celebrate the holiday in a variety of ways. The Gaelic culture of Ireland has contributed greatly to modern-day celebrations in the nation.

Two-Headed Eagle: Look to Your Right

Russia has been looking too much to China. It is advisable that it look to Western Europe.

Godzilla to the Rescue: Earnings Are Upon Us, and They Will Be Stellar

Next in line for the markets are earnings, which I believe will be stellar, much better than expected. This, coupled with low interest rates for the foreseeable future and with the continuation of Ben Bernanke and his Federal Reserve’s Puppeteer troupes’ quantitative easing program, is good news for stocks….for now. We are in a Goldilocks environment.

Financial Freedom In Developing Nations, A Dream Or Reality?

It is no longer news that Jesus came to set you free. What is news today is that you will never truly be free until you have followed the standard of God for freedom. One of the areas one needs to be free is in the areas of finance. Financial freedom is not the result of miracles, but of principles. Your financial freedom begins the day you break out of the mindset of a consumer; and become a producer.

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