NJ Football Star Dies After Navy Seal ‘Hell Week’ Training

Open Your Eyes to Both Sides of International Trade

Just as international trade is seen as boosting both parties needs and economy and as well strengthening ties between regions of the world, it could have some disadvantages. And as a rule its good you look at both sides of a situation before you venture into it. So what do we have to know about these two sides of foreign trade?

Economic Significance of International Trade

International trade is also known as foreign trade or external trade which involves the exchange of goods and services between two or more countries. The principle underlying the buying and selling between one country and another is specialization. The main significance of international trade is the establishment of unity and better interaction between countries and global regions and hence making the world more and more of a global village.

The 2010 Human Development Report: Where Does South Africa Fit In?

As I was reading through the 2010 Human Development Report released last Friday by the United Nations Development Program, I was disheartened to see that South Africa had dropped in the report’s rankings. In the report’s human development index, which ranks the world’s countries according to national income, life expectancy, and literacy, South Africa this year ranked 110 out of 169 countries, down 6 levels from its 2005 ranking.

Igbo: The Making of A Great Nation

You may not know who the Igbo people are, but what I have found among them shows a people who are highly committed in changing the course of history. A brief story of the Igbo people will help you know who they are, and why they are one of the most respected and highly regarded people of Nigeria. The earliest records on the Igbo are to be found in Igbo-Ukwu Archeological artifacts dated 9th Century.

Ten Things You Need to Know About Darfur

Have you been the one who looks at a T-shirt that says “Save Darfur” on it and asked, “Who’s Darfur?” only to be laughed at or frowned upon? Are you curious about what’s actually going on in that obscure, remote place called “Darfur” that comes up in African news? Then you’ve come to the right place. There are ten things you need to know about Darfur to understand and engage in conversations about it and to have a greater awareness of current events.

In Malaysia – About to Make It a Crime to Buy Pirated DVD Movies

The Malaysian consumer public has been shocked by the announcement by the Domestic Trade and Consumerism Ministry that they intend to penalize those who buy counterfeit DVDs and VCDs. The Domestic Trade and Consumerism Ministry has indicated that in order to combat the rampant sale of pirated DVDs and VCDs, they need to staunch the demand and that can be done by punishing those that buy the products. The Domestic Trade and Consumerism Ministry (known as Kementerian Perdagangan Dalam Negeri Dan Hal Ehwal Pengguna in Malay) exists to encourage ethical trade practices and to protect consumer interest.

The Development of China Casting Industry

Casting products occupy a large ratio in various auto parts. There are various kinds of casting products such as automotive engine block, cylinder head, gearbox housing, intake manifold, exhaust manifold, crankshaft, camshaft, piston, and wheel hub, etc. However, in comparison with developed industrial countries, China s automotive castings products still accounted for little as to the total output.

What’s New With UFOs

This article focuses on UFOs. Taking a look at the latest news and viewpoints in the world of UFOlogy.

Bullfighting Ban in North East of Spain

In July 2010 the parliament of Catalonia voted to ban the deep-rooted tradition of bullfighting, the first region in mainland Spain to do so (it was banned by the Canary Islands in 1991), and the ban will take effect in January 2012. But there is more to Catalonia than bullfighting.

25 Handout-Free Ways to Help Africa

Billions of dollars have been poured into Africa for the last 50 years by donor nations, charities and Africans living abroad. This has benefited very few. The results dictate a need for a swift change of strategy to a more sustainable one-private enterprise. One of the major obstacles of African attempt to attract investors and tourists is the unbalanced reporting and gross negative portrayal of Africa by the western media. Negative images attract donors…

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