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The Arab Spring Was Sure Interesting, What is the Arab Summer Going to Be Like – Hot

Well, it has been labeled the Arab Spring, and we’ve seen protests in Morocco, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Palestine, Jordan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and Bharain. In fact we also saw the starting of a few uprisings in China, but their media squashed that from worldview. It appears that the Arab Spring was springing up all over the place almost in a cluster munitions pattern.

Spartan’s, Prepare for Glory! – Why Greece Matters

It appears the Greeks of today will only find glory the same as their Spartan ancestors: through intense conflict and ultimately death. In modern terms that means default, austerity and depression.

A Newly Emerging Weaponry Called Anthrax

Biological weapons are more lethal and deadly than the others… Anthrax is a lethal disease caused by bacteria named Bacillus Anthracis. It affects humans and other animals, causing physical disorders and fatigue.

British Empire’s Psychological Impact on Its Population

It is no longer a secret that parts of the western hemisphere have become “the old world.” This is primarily seen in the New England region of the United States. There are some glaring demonstrations of this phenomenon.

Death of a Dark Master, the Soul Journey of Osama Bin Laden

Was Osama Bin Laden really evil, and what happens to a soul such as his after death? Find out the spiritual lessons to be learned from the life and death of this infamous leader.

Hope for a More Secure Future: Young People Affected by HIV and AIDS in Uganda

Vocational training can be the catalyst for a more secure future for youth affected by HIV and AIDS. With the confidence and skills to earn a living, young people are transforming their lives, supporting their families and overcoming the burden of HIV & AIDS.

Living in the Future Past

South Africa pre 1994 was a country under the rule of an oppressive and self-gratifying government. Germany, during the reign of Adolf Hitler, had set an example for this type of governance, for many would be and practicing despots to follow. For many, memories remain of the tragedy of the never to be forgotten Second World War, with its prejudice, total corruption and abuse of power, designed to protect the privileged few. At the end of this war, the consensus was that something like this would never happen again!

UN Says that Humans Must Use Less and Conserve

The United Nations, and specifically The Habitat for Humanity research project has for many decades gone out of its way to promote a world without poverty, hunger, and or disease. Occasionally they suggest that it is too hard to feed people in rural areas, and therefore people should live in the city where things are more efficient, and the distribution chain is set up properly. Yet, at other times they complain about the urban slums around the world, and it is true they are significant, disgusting, and a slap in the face of all humanity could be – thus need to be fixed…

Migration to Foreign Lands

The sustained migration of peoples, especially the essential human assets from the African continent in general and Nigeria in particular to other African nations, Europe, Asia and the Americas to seek asylum for enhanced opportunities in recent times ought to be a real source of concern to any responsible governments, businesses and the citizenry at large. Although, the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) has divided international migrants into two groups: those who migrate of their own free will, leaving for study, work or to join their families, repression or natural disaster. Yet, the two categories have rapidly become interdependent because…

Cities Make Efforts To Fund 911 Address Signs

Prompted by local emergency responders such as police and firefighters, many municipalities throughout the country are starting to review the need for identification of neighborhoods within their cities. Reflective 911 address signs identifying the streets and addresses within a neighborhood would help emergency responders locate the address quickly.

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