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Evolution in Egypt and the Energy and Element of Euphoria in Human Mass Mobs

When we saw the mass demonstrations, and the million people gathering in the streets of Cairo, we assumed that a new day was being born for each other, that it’s government would be evolving, and that the people could finally have a nation so they can live up to the promise of the 21st century. However, as much as one could point out the incredible evolution of Egypt over the last 5000 years, this was not an event that sparked any random genetic mutation.

Changes in Crude Oil Pricing – Post World War II Scenario

Many won’t even believe today that volatility and crude oil prices were not synonyms some 60 years back. In fact between the periods immediately after the Second World War and till end of 1960s, crude oil only ranged between $ 2.5 and $ 3.0 per barrel. The prices were very stable and one could bank upon them while budgeting for this commodity. However we all have witnessed a very different story in the near past.

Egyptian Protests and United States

Starting a chain reaction via Egypt may backfire on Washington as the dollar and US treasuries are not outcompeting the eurozone and gold. Investor capital and revolutionary fervor may not flow where desired.

Cultural Impact Of Tourism On The Kenyan People

Tourism has played a great role in improving the economy of Kenya and the local people as well. It is the largest foreign income earner followed by agriculture. In development, many hotels of high standard, swimming pools and roads have been built.

Egyptian Protestors Fully Intend to Take Down the Mubarak Government

What started out as just another defiant act of some student Internet Bloggers (apparently) has now escalated into more than just blowing off a little steam. It now seems that there has been 30-years of pent up energy, and things have come to a head, and the Mubarak government now realizes it’s time for them to step down. Yes, this looks like a much larger event than originally anticipated, so let’s discuss this.

Egyptian Riots and Regime Change – Will the Violence Continue?

Not long ago, a controversial blogger from the UK contacted me to debate the realities of the uprisings, marches, protests, and near riots in Egypt. It seems that President Mubarak of Egypt is out, and soon a new President will be in power. This leaves much uncertainty – will the nation go the way of the Muslim Brotherhood or will it move towards greater liberty, democracy, and freedoms?

Does the West Help Oppressive Regimes – Jeopardizing Its Credibility?

It is just amazing how every time there is a crisis in the world it is blamed on the West. If there is a flood somewhere it’s the West’s pollution which has caused “global climate warming change” and if there is human conflict, it must be something the West did too, and so the anti-Western World brigade tries to shape some silly argument for World Mass Media consumption. Still that does not make it so, just because lies are reported doesn’t make them a reality.

The Egyptian People Say Now is the Time for Action

On February 1, 2011 the President of Egypt told more than a million angry protesters that he would not run for re-election during the following September Election, after 30-years in power. The moderate silent majority of citizens at home were content that change was afoot. Of course this didn’t satisfy the mass mob, calling for him to step down now.

Tone Down the Rhetoric? The Media Must Be Losing Its Monopoly

Even amidst the wave of hideously noxious media coverage linking conservatives to the massacre at an appearance by Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz), USA Today’s January 17th’s “Political talk still stirring up controversy” stands out. In a deplorably odious hit piece, reporter Dennis Cauchon declares — with neither sufficient proof nor candor – that “Today, most of those criticized [for their speech] are conservative Republicans.

Impact of Facebook Over Society

One might say that it is an age of information technology, but it will not be unfair to replace the term with social networking to a huge extent over sophisticated computer networks using internet protocol around the globe. Such as Facebook is the one most visited and acknowledged social network among others like MySpace, orkut etc supervised by few of the most elegant IT companies. Facebook among them is having immense amount of effect over society.

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