News 4 New York: “I-Team Planes & Drugs” promo

Prices on Black Tea From Kenya Still Fluctuate

This past year, prices on black tea from Kenya have fluctuated. Does this affect your morning cup of tea in any way?

India – Growing in Information Technology, Healthcare and Real Estate Sector

Leading information technology companies in India are meanwhile increasing their presence in North America, in step with the improving business climate in the region. Top-tier information technology companies which are increasing their delivery capabilities in North America, include HCL Technologies which concluded acquisition.

GCC to Perk Up on Low Realty Cost

In a recent report by AT Kearney, a leading global management consulting firm stated Dubai’s capacity to “rebound fast should not be underestimated, with low real estate prices at offer now”. It further adds that apart from the UAE, the other Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) members would also be back on track by attracting foreign investors on similar grounds.

The Reign of Khmer Rouge

Khmer Rouge was formed because of the resistance against France and was influenced by the Vietnam War. The party wanted to make Cambodia a rural and classless society under the leadership of Angkar Pedavat. The result of the regime was millions of deaths because of massacres, starvation and overwork.

Reasons Why Mexicans Immigrated to the United States

America is a nation built mostly by immigrants coming from countries like Ireland, Mexico and other European countries. Most of the immigrants came to the United States to gain better opportunities for a job.

Security and the Rule of Law For Nigerian Enterprise Development and Revolution

Nigeria’s long history with conflict and bloodshed begins not long after its independence from British colonial rule in 1960. Six years later, Army officers executed the then Prime Minister and two of his cabinet colleagues in the country’s first of many coup d’etats. Political upheaval stoked social fires as religious, ethnic and regional disparities billowed over to create a climate of official persecution and brutal governance. The string of military takeovers continued into the ’90s and until the very end of the last century, when the first peaceful transition to civilian power brought back some degree of normalcy to a beleaguered nation.

Nigerian Infrastructure Development and the Enterprise Revolution – An African Perspective

Nigeria’s deplorable infrastructure situation came into the fore recently at an unlikely event. A day before the national football team was to clash with Tunisia for a 2010 FIFA World Cup spot on September 6, the visiting team was left in darkness for a full quarter of an hour during practice sessions at the Abuja National Stadium. While power outages are an everyday happening across the country, this high-profile blackout under international arc lights proved particularly embarrassing for local officials. That the visitors went on to draw Nigeria 2-2 the next day and deny it a much-needed victory couldn’t have been much comforting either.

IT and Nigeria’s 2020 Goals

The Centre for International Development at Harvard University quotes this now well-known excerpt from former UN secretary general Kofi Annan’s Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech of 2001 in a rare document. The Centre’s Global IT Report for 2001-02 analyses the complex dynamics of nations adapting to a ‘Networked World’ through the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs). The report includes a unique Network Readiness Index of 75 countries around the world, based on their ability to harness and take advantage of ICT networks.

The Startling Prophecies of Vanga

One winter’s night a phantom knight in full armour appeared in the village, entered her house and said: “The world is on the threshold of disaster. Millions of people will die. You will stand here and prophesy. Do not be afraid! I’ll tell you what you should say.” From there on even the all powerful visited her, including it is claimed Adolf Hitler who ‘departed a very sad man’. The date was January 1941. It was significant as the war at that point dragged in the USSR and USA, plunging tens of millions into death and slavery. As world events unfold more people are taking an interest in the predictions of the prophetess Vangelia Pandeva Dimitrova (Vanga).

Three Important Issues in 2010 – The Year of the Tiger

The year 2010 marks a new and some say exciting decade, but some issues will be come to their head in the year of the Tiger. What are these three important issues, and how could they affect the next decade?.

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