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Indonesian Expatriates, Inspections, and Permits

Expatriate Permits are problematic. Company heads may not realize and may even be sure that their HR department personnel have things under control, since they would not dare to mention it otherwise.

Mengele’s Twin Experiments – An Aryan Master Race in Brazil?

There are over ten times more twins in a small Brazilian town than elsewhere on average. An Argentinian historian claims that this is the result of Josef Mengele’s genetic experiments. After WW II Mengele, known as the Angel of Death, fled to South America and may have continued his experiments there.

Russia’s Actions Set the Tone For Respect of Russia

Russia’s history indicates that its leaders wanted to be leaders without leading to better mankind. Today Russia’s leadership continues to defy world cooperation.

Moscow Vs Ukraine – The Gas Battle

According to sources within the European Union the ongoing stand off over the delivery of natural gas between Russia and the Ukraine is doing quite a lot of damage to both countries’ credibility. A warning statement put out by the European Union says that the fight is going to result in major consequences in political, economic and financial markets.

India – Its Experiment in Secularism

SECULARISM is a very difficult term to define. As it is understood now, it only means the running of the affairs of a nation without the influence of a religion. But when we speak of secular temper or secular outlook we mean the understanding and accommodation of the other man’s religious tolerance.

The Two Nation Theory

At last the Indian National Congress had to accept the two nation theory. Who accepted it first or why he did so, did not matter. The country was divided based on the theory that the Hindus and the Muslims constituted two different nations, while nobody cared to ask the question during the days of the Mughal rule or earlier. Even Mohammed Ali Jinnah did not relish the idea when it was first mooted by the Ali brothers. Nobody had then expected that it would gain acceptance and from the basis for the country’s division.

How to Promote Lasting Peace in the Middle East

We need to become more serious about the things that God has told us in his holy Word. In there we learn that Christ is God’s only way to Himself.

Super Luxury Development in Mumbai

India, with a 20.5 per cent increase in the number of HNWIs to 100, 015 recorded the second-highest growth rate in HNWIs globally, said the annual World Wealth Report by Merrill Lynch and Cap Gemini. India trailed only Singapore, where the increase in HNWIs grew by 21.

Is March 2009 Going to Be a Bloodbath For the Australian Economy?

Statistics over the past 5 years from ASIC show external administrations peak in March. This might perhaps validate your own instinctive views on how Corporate Cash flow is traditionally weak between December and February – with the holiday season meaning additional payroll costs, two week “sales months” in December/January and no-one paying anybody until mid February. Behind this year’s potential peak, however, is a tsunami of uncomfortable catalysts, which could have very serious implications.

Is Pakistan Ready to Collapse?

Many folks and worldly travelers are concerned about the potential implosion of Pakistan and with their current political, economic, social unrest – the potential eventuality is all too real. So, perhaps my questions are with Pakistan ready for a revolution – Shouldn’t we be prepared for the worst and work to insure it does not happen?

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