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Iran Becoming Self Sufficient In Yellow Cakes

Iran the Islamic republic has started producing Yellow Cake which is an important raw material required in developing nuclear fuel. Iran has become self-sufficient in producing all the materials required to produce nuclear fuel. It has made its nuclear plant self sufficient according to the head of Iraq’s Atomic Energy Organization.

Launch a Failure ‘The Russian Glonass Navigational Satellite’

The failure of the Russian Proton launch on 5th Dec which instead headed straight into the Pacific Ocean was caused due to programming error according to sources. It carried the new additions of Russians Glonass-M navigation satellite constellation and this occurred exactly after 86 seconds of its launch. The launch failure has set back the sovereignty of the Russians and this can delay their sovereignty in satellite navigation.

‘WikiLeaks’ – The Journalists’ Tool to A More Concise World

On 28th November 2010 it started publishing the largest set of confidential documents of the United States embassy cables and the important revealing documents gave people an unprecedented insight to US government and foreign activities. All the important information that is revealed through WikiLeaks is archived so that the general public can easily access it. This was all done to protect the infrastructure of WikiLeaks as it was attacked.

Human Rights in Ireland

Ireland is currently in a state of flux. The institutions of State, The Church, The Government and of course the Banks are all in a perilous state. People have lost faith in The Catholic Church and Fianna Fail and those who have lost money on bank shares are furious. We are in recession and people are losing their jobs. So who cares about human rights?

Bhopal, India, Dow Chemical, And The Union Carbide Gas Leak

More than twenty-five years ago one of the most horrendous environmental disasters of all time occurred in Bhopal in Madya Pradesh county, India. And the victims of this disaster, as well as their descendants, are still paying for it.

Christmas in South Africa

The classrooms are empty, and the beaches are full. In South Africa, this can mean only one thing: it’s Christmastime in the Rainbow Nation.

Being Unable to Afford Food Is Not Only a Developing World Issue

Food scarcity is not only a third world issue. There are also families in the UK reliant on emergency food parcels from charities. At the same time it is calculated the UK generates 8.3 million tonnes of food and drink waste each year.

Egypt’s Independent Media

During the months prior to November’s parliamentary elections, the independent media in Egypt took a hit. Although officials gave poor excuses for their silencing of various opposition journalists, evidence suggests that all was done to give the NDP the lead in the elections. Should allegations of government infiltration into the opposition prove to be true it will be difficult to refute the idea that the illegal Muslim Brotherhood is the only opposition to Egypt’s NDP.

China and India, Rivals in All Fields Including Railways

China and India are rivals in Asia. The two big neighbors have chosen different paths for economic development as well as political systems. India is a democracy with stress on a free economy while China is a communist state that follows a controlled economy.

A Eulogy for Foreign Correspondents

I must have been 15 or 16 when I watched a documentary on television about foreign correspondents. And it struck me like lightning.

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