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Yes China Has Spectacular Growth Numbers – But How Much Is Fake?

Don’t you find it completely amazing that year-over-year the Chinese government claims that China’s GDP is increasing by 10%? And who is to say for sure? After all, there is very little transparency, and a lot of that GDP growth is not actual or real.

Charity in Asia – Areas of Focus

Recently the World has experienced a considerable change and shift in environmental conditions with many countries experiencing substantial natural disasters. With the growth in population and economy in the Asian region, the impacts of these disasters on communities are devastating.

Characteristics For the Development of Japanese Bearing Industries

The production of Japanese imported bearings has the following features: The first feature is that they have advanced technology and equipments and the manufacturing level and the working efficiency are quite high. The second one is the creation of specialized production patterns and maintenance of good brand. The third one is that companies adjust the industrial structure to adapt to market demands.

Turkana Weird Way Of Marriage

Turkana marriages are arranged and sometimes, men use force to marry a woman. This is something that is widely accepted in Turkana communities though it is very wrong given that the woman in question doesn’t have a say in the matter.

South Africa Women’s Day

South Africans recognize Women’s Day this month, an opportunity to both commemorate the contributions made by women during apartheid and to highlight the importance of women’s rights. Fifty-four years ago, on August 9, 1956, over 20,000 South African women marched on their country’s Parliament to protest the oppressive “pass books laws” of apartheid.

Chinese Domain Names Approved By ICANN

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has finally approved the creation of web domain names using only Chinese language characters. The decision was announced during the 38th International ICANN meeting in Brussels which took place between the 20 – 25 of June, 2010. ICANN is the non-profit private body that oversees all net addresses in the online world. In short, it is like the land registration department but on the global scale and with limitless digital addresses.

Israel and the Killing of Issa Batran

Palestine is a complex problem that has no easy solution. But the fact is that certain hardliners on both sides of the divide -Israel on one hand and Moslems on the other hand cannot see eye to eye. The Moslems in Palestine, in particular Hamas have vowed to destroy Israel.

New Year Traditions Across the Globe

New Year celebrations are a common factor throughout the world, with every country embracing the coming year with hope for the future. Although many traditions are prominent in various countries, many peoples celebrate the New Year with very distinctive rituals.

Poverty For Sale by Non-Owner

Billions of dollars have been poured into Africa for the last 50 years by donor nations, charities and Africans living abroad. This has benefited very few. The results dictate a need for a swift change of strategy to a more sustainable one-private enterprise.

Kibera Factor – 100 Yards

One of the major obstacles of Africa’s attempt to attract investors and tourists is the unbalanced reporting and gross negative portrayal of Africa by Hollywood and the western media. Most western investors are not aware of the plentiful low-cost labor, fertile land and under-exploited potential for tourism that Africa offers.

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