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A Friendly Window on the World

The world is a much friendlier place as seen from the UN than from the American mainstream perspective. America would benefit from a broader view of the world as it elects its next president.

10 Lifestyle Habits of Third Culture Kids (TCKs)

Who are Third Culture Kids? Ruth Hill Useem (1999) first coined the term, Third Culture Kids, over 40 years ago. TCKs are children who are members of expatriate families who reside outside of their passport country for varied periods of time. Other terms that have been used are Global Nomads, hidden immigrants, army brats, military brats, internationally mobile children, cross cultural kids (CCKs) and missionary kids (MKs). They move from one country to another before coming back to their passport country for a rotation (2-4 years), to resettle, or to attend university.

Biogas Fueling the Olympic Torch

China is playing a lead role in the area of biogas – processes by which we can turn our waste, animal waste and food waste into a high-end, usable commodity. The subject of using fecal matter as an energy source ranges from taboo in some societies to wide acceptance and utilization in others. In China, it fits into the latter category. Here’s what China’s National Development and Reform Commission has on the books for biogas.

A Shell Game of Coal Dust and Green Olympics

I present to you a vision of the future: China has already leapfrogged to where we in the West will be within a decade, using coal to power our economies and cities as conventional worldwide oil production continues to decline. Pollution could be the sight and smell of economic growth in such an environment.

A Case of No Virginity Means No Marriage in France

How are the sexual attitudes in our world today? Are women free from socially demeaning beliefs? We thought this was long gone and that the modern-day woman was not intimidated by religious or social beliefs but we might be wrong. In France, a Muslim marriage was annulled on the basis that the woman was not a virgin as she claimed to be. The court used no virginity, no marriage slogan and referred this as chastity fraud but the universal acclaim saw this as an abuse of women’s right. They might be seen as secular laws but they were out to defend human rights.

5 Ways to Help Slave Trade Victims Across the World

The young woman felt trapped by her existence. She was kidnapped and made a prisoner in a foreign land. All that she loved was torn away.

Eradicating Obstetric Fistula – Interview With Natalie Imbruglia

How many of you reading this article have heard of obstetric fistula? Not too many, I suspect. Until a couple of years ago, I had never heard of it either. I first heard about it from the Australian singer/songwriter Natalie Imbruglia who was talking about it on a UK television news programme as an official spokesperson for the UN-backed Campaign to End Fistula.

5 Problems For Children in Africa

A lot has already been said about problems faced by children in Africa. In this very short and to the point article, I quickly go over 5 key problems that I believe need urgent attention.

AIDS Orphans in Swaziland

Being an AIDS orphan in Swaziland is nothing to smile about at all, I mean having no one to take care of you when you still need the most care in your life especially in a country that is in its own trying to cope with poverty. In this article I will make an attempt to discuss the situation as it currently stands.

5 Key Reasons Why Children Are Starving in Africa

The African continent is faced with a catastrophe of starvation; unfortunately this affects mainly the children. It is claiming lives of the little ones; the main reason is malnutrition to young children because the children lack food, clothing, medicine and shelter.

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