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Changing Face of Kashmir in Bollywood

Cinema is a fascinating subject but Indian cinema popularly known as Bollywood is more so because of the peculiar traits of the people who watch it. Kashmir as a paradise as evoked in films of 1960’s has in some ways carried over into recent films dealing with the Kashmir issue. The historicization of Bollywood’s long Kashmir obsession is thus an exploration of how this obsession fits into the contested political relationship between Kashmir and the Indian Union.

Kashmir Experiencing Hyderabad

Two decades of insurgency have deeply tainted the societal and monetary lives of Kashmiri’s. With the ongoing commotion in the valley the unstable economy has left people with limited employment opportunities. Corruption has led to the failure of all imperative welfare programmes like health, education and employment.

Gift Giving Tradition in Japan

The process of giving gifts is a universal phenomenon but the way it is done varies around the world. It is particularly so in Japan where gift giving is a unique process complete with rules that need to be followed to ensure no one is offended. If you have any plan of going to Japan and staying there for some time, it is better to be acquainted with some of the gift-giving practices there.

How Al Qaeda Uses Assassinations to Target Key Leaders

Al Qaeda (AQ) has made the assassination of key leaders of a society one of their primary objectives. In that regard, AQ has shown no distinction in targeting government officials, religious leaders, civic leaders, business leaders, educators and other persons of influence within a country. A review of AQ doctrine on assassination provides valuable insight to recognizing AQ assassination tactics and developing strategies and techniques for mitigating the tactics of assassination.

Diplomatic Script Need to Be Rewritten

Diplomatic language, its claims and practices are increasing sounding strange and irrelevant in countries where noble rights of people are being denied and lives are being threatened. Citizens in these countries become confused and become irritated as government spokesmen and the supporters lectures to diplomats and the media on diplomatic etiquette and practice. This is kind of behavior is witnessed many times in Africa, Middle East, and Asia.

Rising Prices Threatens Food Supply of Isolated Tropical Islands

Rice has become the mainstay of the communities living in the far northern, isolated tropical islands of Vanuatu. They have from generation to generation lived off the produce of the land. However, in recent years, their diet has been increasingly supplemented by imported rice.

The Theocracy and Pro-Western Youth of Iran

Despite the pro-western sentiments of Iran’s youthful population, the fact remains that the ruling theocracy of Iran differs fundamentally on its opinion of those countries deemed “Western,” particularly the United States. As has been vocalized by its current administration, America’s policy concerning diplomatic relations with Iran, or the lack thereof, has been largely based upon the existence of a rigid theocracy that neither fosters the growth of democracy nor encourages voices of dissent within its strict interpretation of Islamic religious law, or Sharia.

Remember the Painful Cries of Men, Women and Children in Africa and Asia, and Those Workers Helping

Thousands are being ruthlessly crushed and massacres take place which we hear little about until some months or years pass. Aid Agencies will always require more financial resources. I am thinking of Tear Fund, Help Africa, and World Vision in particular. I have seen some of the projects while speaking and teaching in Uganda and Kenya and have visited various orphanages in these nations. When one sees the work and hears the stories it can be only then that one realises how enormous and serious the needs are.

Custom Ways Under Threat – Tropical Islands Paradise About to Be Lost?

The people of the Lesser Developed Countries have been content for generations. Now their ways are being challenged by the 21st century. Will paradise be lost to these isolated people?

Malaria in Africa – Solving Angola’s Curse

Malaria in Africa is a gigantic problem that affects millions of lives. In modern countries of the world, malaria is under control. Malaria mosquitoes are fumigated. Vaccine to treat and prevent malaria is widely available. People with malaria are few and far between. But in the southern hemisphere, malaria in Africa makes up 80% of the cases world wide. Why is the problem so bad in a country like Angola?

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