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Freedom and Its Price in the Georgian Conflict

Normally the articles I write deal with sports, photography, or sports memorabilia preservation. Now, given that the Beijing Olympics are in progress, the general assumption is that I have an unlimited number of topics to discuss. Needless to say this article is about a different topic occurring in the news. This topic actually affects my life and the lives of the people that I hold dear in my heart. The problem is that over a week ago Russian troops invaded The Republic of Georgia. I must say that this is going to be the topic of my latest opinionated article.

Oscar Arias Asks Dalai Lama to Stay in Tibet

Okay anyone who reads my blog knows that I am a fan of Oscar Arias.  But I am a little pissed off about this.  Apparently, Oscar Arias has canceled (or at least orchestrated the cancellation of) the upcoming visit by the Dalai Lama so as not to offend the Chinese.

Mainstream Western Media Stages “Blemishing China Marathon”

Ignoring outpouring hospitality of the Chinese people, Mainstream Western media has waged a negative campaign against China recently to punish the country’s failure to comply with Western requests at the Beijing Olympics. This article examines the roots of the mainstream Western media’s anger towards China, exposes its hypocrisies and double standards, and advocates the development of a positive-spirited media system that is built on the basis of upholding Chinese public welfare and interests.

African Orphan Outreach Programs

In Swaziland alone there are currently 70 000 orphans. Projections by the body coordinating the HIV/AIDS fight in Swaziland, the National Emergency Response Council on HIV/AIDS, show that the present figure will increase to 120 000 by 2010. Through different outreach programs by different organizations, something is being done to assist the growing number of orphans in Africa.

African Orphans – Whose Responsibility Are They?

There has been an ongoing debate about the need to help Africa and her orphans. Some say it is not the responsibility of the Americans nor is it the responsibility of other developed nations to help. Others say developed nations must help because they have exploited Africa for years in terms of her resources and now it’s time to give back to the continent. Take some time to read this article and find out what really matters in this situation.

Adopting AIDS Orphans in Africa

“The increased spiral of adult deaths in so many countries means that the number of children orphaned each day is expanding exponentially. Africa is staggering under the load.” – Stephen Lewis, UN Special Envoy for AIDS in Africa

Why Sponsor a Child For 25 Cents

A sponsorship as little as 25 cents a day can make a world of a difference to children in third world countries. Take the next few minutes and read about the plight of the African child. You don’t have to donate but just read – after all, knowledge is power! It is important to know what is happening around you and in other parts of the world.

Petrocaribe – Should Costa Rica Accept Handouts From Chavez?

Costa Rica, like many Latin American countries, buys a lot of oil from Hugo Chavez. Try almost 100% of the 18,000 barrels of crude that the country refines daily.

British Pound Crashes on Dovish BOE Inflation Report

To take advantage of this, we can place a ‘No Touch’ trade on the Dow Jones, predicting that it won’t touch 12,500 at any time during the next 90 days. This could return 57% in if successful.

Cost of War in Iraq

The Iraq war commenced in 2002 with the United States of America ousting the Saddam Hussein led Iraqi regime finally. But the mounting cost of war in Iraq all these years of war are still a weight on the minds of the economists and the taxpayers alike. A war can be really draining on the resources of the nation. Some optimists hold out the argument that the war is good for the economy. But this is far from true.

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