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Poverty – The Scourge of Africa

The most probable reason poverty exists, is insufficient work opportunities in combination with a lack of basic education and skills training, or is it? In Africa, drought is labeled as the most common cause of poverty, assisted often by a war here and there, a touch of genocide or the self enrichment of a political dictator and his merry men. Poverty is the scourge of Africa, it knows no boundaries and to quote Mr Jacob Zuma, it knows no colour.

Homeland Security’s RFID Tags Can Be Used to Track Users

U.S. residents living in a state bordering Canada or Mexico may reportedly be given a remotely readable driver’s license designed by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to identify U.S. citizens as they approach the nation’s borders as a way to save time and simplify border crossings. The DHS was created after the attacks of 9/11/01. Residents may want to think twice before signing up for the department’s new program.

Nudity Present Everywhere, So it Seems Nowhere

In general, what does a sports person require to win? Yes, the strength and the perfection in his or her field. But, nowadays winning has not only remained limited to a gold medal for most of the sports personalities.

The Promising Years of Pakistan

Pakistan has taken a place on the world stage, in sports, science and humanitarian efforts. In many of the sporting areas, Pakistan has held a dominant position for many years in a row.

Republic of Georgia vs Russia

All of the coverage of the Republic of Georgia lately seems to be focused on how the big evil Russia is beating up on poor defenseless Georgia. Let’s not forget that it was Georgia who invaded South Ossetia and Abkhazia first, trying to reclaim those sovereign republics for itself, even though the people of those areas claimed independence all the way back in 1991. Have we somehow forgotten that Georgia was the one initiating force against those they claim were their own people?

Every Child Counts

Love Without Boundaries (LWB) is a group of volunteers around the world who have realised that people who have a pure love for helping children can truly make a difference. They all donate their time and gifts in an attempt to brighten the lives of some of the world’s most vulnerable and needy children. Warwick John Fahy, an XL Results Foundation Life Member in Shanghai, is a big supporter of LWB, attracted to it because of the educational programmes they do. “I am especially attracted to this charity,” he says, “because of the high ethical standards they adopt to distribute their donations. Unlike other well”meaning charities who distribute cash too easily to projects, LWB do not give cash to the schools or orphanages they work with.”

Action in Africa

“I am not interested in being part of awareness events or even awareness non-profits,” says Charlie Gay, Executive Sole Of Africa Director Worldwide and co-founding partner of Promenade Pictures. “I am not interested in doing another benefit concert. What I am interested in is action.” Today Charlie is in the middle of one of the most impressive Humanitarian “Braveheart’ alliances to resolve the problems of the world, as in his words “Uncommon people with a common heart unite for a common purpose.”

Rivers of Dust

Safari means “journey” in Swahili and my journey began 21 years ago in December of 1986. When I called to wish my friend, artist Dennis Curry and his family ‘Merry Christmas’, his first words were, “I’m going back to Africa!” Dennis’ safari had begun long before mine. He was there with ‘The Elsa Wild Animal Appeal’. His image of the Born Free lioness, Elsa became their fund raising poster. Dennis asked me to join him on the trip to Africa. I replied, “I can’t go to Africa”

Territorial Sovereignty

The Land of the Morning, the Pearl of the Orient Seas, etc. These are some of how the Philippine Islands have come to be known in the international community.

Self Reliance For Zambia

When Bryan and Anja Baker visited Zambia in 1995, the Australian couple discovered an overwhelming need to address the poverty, hunger and diseases facing many Zambians in the rural parts of the country. What they saw and experienced led to their decision to dedicate the rest of their lives and skills to bettering the lives of those less fortunate in Zambia. “We came back to Australia and realised we could no longer just sit back and do nothing,” says Anja. Self Reliance for Zambia (SRFZ) was then created, and the Bakers set about improving conditions for those people – in particular, those living in the Mungwi District, in the northern province of Zambia. It is a remote region with the closest town, Kasama, about 120km away. “We fell in love with the people and the country. We knew we would be visiting with the purpose to help,” Anja adds.

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