New York to Drop Indoor Mask Mandate, NYC Continues #shorts

Poorest Regions of the World

Afghanistan in central Asia and Darfur region in Africa are comparable in scale of violence and extreme level of poverty, lacking the basic infrastructure. Elimination of extreme poverty could lead to lasting peace in Darfur beginning with quick impact interventions. The steps needed for quick impact measures includes agricultural, educational, and health intervention measures.

The Land-Mark Judgment of India That Set at Rest 60-Years Communal Dispute

The world watched with amazement a latest landmark judgment of Indian High Court of Allahabad for two reasons – one the legal wrangle went on for 60 years between two religious communities and two – it averted a major communal clash anticipated because of the sensitiveness of the dispute. This article throws more light on the subject.

Situation About Key Parts of China’s Automotive Industry

China’s automobile industry has gained a rapid development. In 2009, the annual output had reached 13.79 million. And China becomes one of world’s largest car producers.

Baroud: Lebanon’s Napoleon of Traffic

And the title goes to… Ziyad Baroud, minister of Interior and Municipalities… applause? This title could be added to Baroud’s collection, but he should perhaps take a closer look at it since it is not as notable as the others.

International Grants Save the Day

Today is an age of rapid globalisation. In this age, each aspect and problem of a single nation has a lasting impact on the international economic, social and political scenario. Thus, the whole world is experiencing intensive networking and assistance, between its various wings, thereby becoming one global village.

The Black Death Really Is Bubonic Plague

After extracting DNA from 75 skeletons in mass graves or plague pits, scientists have recently confirmed definitively that the Black Death that consumed more than 1/3 the population of Europe from 1347 to 1353 was caused by Yersinia pestis, a bacterium that carries bubonic plague. Other possible causative agents were suspected, like viral hemorrhagic fever, but this recently uncovered evidence seals the debate. The plague had its origins in the 1330’s in China, which was the epicenter of world trade at that time, and which also is estimated to have lost about a third of its population at the…

Middle East News

The Middle East can be referred to as a diverse region of the world. It consists of some of the longest as well as most famous cultural and chronological dealings all through human history.

Intellectual Revolution in Nigerian Polity

It’s not a new thing to say that Nigeria is a corrupt country. From the military regimes till now the country has been neck deep into corruption. Whenever a new leader starts his regime he promises to fight corruption, but he quickly forgets it when he begins to enjoy the spoils of the office.

The General Who Prevailed “Love” in Japan’s Dark Age

In the 16th Century, Japan was experiencing chaotic years of continuous battles and wars. There were so many new local lords who either killed or purged their fathers or masters to obtain their powers. There was no moral. There was no mercy. There was no justice. Only the justice was power. In such period, there was a general and strategist who advocated love in his fighting against enemies and ruling his country. The author, the expert of cross-cultural exchange, explains about this general whose helmet decoration was Chinese Character means “Love”.

Illegal Downloads Strictly Prohibited in France

We all know that illegal download is against the law. However, most people do it anyway because of its practicality side – it is absolutely free of charge. From MP3 songs to movies to TV series to computer games to software and much more – almost anything can now be downloaded from the Internet as long as you have a personal computer and an access to Internet.

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