New York Lifts Statewide School Indoor Mask Order

Why Can’t We Just Have a Judge Render a Decision on Israel-Palestine Conflict?

Will there ever be meaningful peace in the Middle East? Specifically, will the Palestinians ever get their sovereignty, and will the last bloody conflict between Palestinians and Jews be something of the past? Is that even a possible or potential eventuality? It would certainly be wonderful if it happened like that.

Diverse Culture of India – An Overview by a Native Indian

Foreigners, particularly Westerners know little about India, its people, the customs and culture of this vast country – second only to China by way of population figure, but bigger in land area. Even those who have studied about India may not know the in-depth details of the diverse cultures prevailing among Indian people, living in the northern and southern States – bifurcated by languages in 1956.

The Rise of China Forces a Rethink of What it Means to Be Well Off

Today, more and more people are rising out of poverty and aspiring toward a better lifestyle. More than a billion of these people live in China.

Growing Opportunity For Christian Ministries in India to Gain Funding From India’s New Wealth

India’s booming economy marks a great turning point in a nation long noted for poverty. But as is true in all nations experiencing recent economic growth, the prosperity has been uneven. Some sectors of the economy are benefiting more than others. Nonprofit organizations, including Christian ministries, have lagged behind. But their day is coming.

Why Iceland Volcano Eyjafjallajokull is a Mouthful to Pronounce

The volcanic eruption in Iceland has resulted in all flights being grounded in Western Europe airspace, and London. The air transport hub is getting the worse of it. Since it is such a big deal, you will expect at least to be told the name of the volcano right? Well, I guess you are out of luck. But you are not alone. Most English news channels and media broadcasters are finding it hard to pronounce the name Eyjafjallajokull.

Health Related Requirements For Student Visa Holders

Australia is said to be one of the top destinations in the world for studying alongside the US and UK. Not only are there world class education institutions available, but the lifestyle is second to none. Visit any state in the country and each will have its own university, college and TAFE options, but also affordable housing, stunning scenery and a great way of life.

What is Citizen Journalism?

Reporting the news isn’t just for journalists anymore. The closing of hundreds of newspapers has resulted in a diverse collection of web sites and blogs that serve as information hubs for many communities.

What is Hyperlocal News?

The newspaper industry has taken quite a hit in the last few years with many papers, especially smaller ones, folding. This leaves smaller communities and suburbs without their traditional main source of news. However, a new trend of local-themed web sites has sprung up to try and fill the void.

Third World Dilemma and the Developed Countries

There seem to be a measurable gap between Third world countries, their categorization and the developed world. Nations are measured with their social and industrial infrastructure and their produce, per capita income, and their military might…

Reading Between the Poverty Lines

Recently the Government of India has accepted the Tendulkar Committee recommendations for Poverty estimation in India. These estimates will exclude huge number of families from the welfare programs. I have written a critique of these poverty estimates.

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