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Educating Cuba – Why the UK Should Look to the Caribbean For Educational Inspiration

Sunday April 10th saw the annual meeting of the National Union of Teachers. Amidst British delegates complaining of misleading SATs, big class sizes and low pay (leading to a demand for a 10 percent or 3,000 GBP price increase) – a teacher from Cuba spoke of the education system in her homeland, and offered a glimmer of hope to those who have all but given up on Labour’s mantra: ‘Education Education Education.’ So what have the Cuban government done so well?

Israel’s Arabic Problem Solved

So simple. So obvious. How was it missed?

Google Vs Japan’s Tainted Past

Is Japan heading into a battle with Google once again? Google’s attempts to make headway in Japan seems to be a “one step forward, two steps back” kind of process. Street view was welcomed initially, but then it came under huge scrutiny due to Japan’s hugely strict privacy rights (a right which seems only to be slackened when an alleged offender of a crime is in the US armed forces, and then it’s fair game). But this time it’s Google Earth’s custom maps that have come under attack.

Ireland’s Last Call

Ireland is caught between a rock and hard place – no doubt. Since 1996 it has benefited from the gift of unprecedented – by Irish standards – economic growth fueled by a number of external factors.

The New Global Influenza Pandemic Needs to Be Put Into Perspective

Swine flu pandemic preparedness seems to be on everyone’s lips, but there are so many differing reports out there in the media of what is really going on, we need to put things into perspective. We have enough confirmed data now to at least roughly estimate the likely outcome of this when it is fully underway.

How Good-Natured Activism Led To Somalia Pirating

My favourite television shows are documentaries about Greenpeace and other anti-whaling activists as they invent ways to halt indiscriminate maiming of sharks, whales, and the environment. Believe it or not, many current perpetrators of piracy were once environmental activists also. In fact just five years ago Somali-based fishermen were ramming fishing boats in protest—those that fished illegally off the horn of Africa.

India’s Spy in the Sky

The technology is developing fast and so is the world we live in. But this development is accompanied by a sordid facade. It has become one of the most important issues in front of the mankind and it is terrorism.

Crime and Punishment – Britain’s Parliamentarians to Escape Justice

The furore in Britain’s parliament over the expenses debacle has added fuel to the fire now raging as the country faces its worst economic crisis of modern times, with the Exchequer laid bare for a decade or so to come. Michael Martin, who was perceived to be the overseer for a legion of so-called fraudsters has been forced to resign as the House of Commons’ speaker in a row over MPs expenses and is the first speaker to be forced out since 1695. Anger is brimming over at the moment as MPs have been…

Increasing World Population

Even if the most industrialized nations in the world observe rationalization of food and population control, the fact remains that lesser nations are growing at a rate 15 times faster then the industrialized nation’s norm. This means that in just forty years, the population will at least double. With this increase in population comes new problems.

Is Iran Getting More Uranium For Enrichment From Bolivia and Venezuela?

One of the best intelligence agencies in the world is based out of Israel and they are very careful to protect themselves. They have reason to believe that Iran is getting Uranium to enrich from both Bolivia and Venezuela, but are these reports true?

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