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Bulgaria Joining Europe – What Does it Mean?

Bulgaria is one of the newest countries in Europe. Previously an ex-soviet country, Bulgaria is now part of Eastern Europe and after years of trying to join the EU and bringing the country up to speed with rules, regulations and infrastructure Bulgaria finally joined the EU in 2007. Since then Bulgaria has had targets it has been required to meet in order to complete the full transition into Europe.

A Torontonian’s G20 Observations

I live walking distance from the locations of the protesting and vandalizing that took place during the Toronto G20 Summit on June 26 and 27 of 2010. I spent much of the weekend travelling by foot to these places before observing and talking to many of the thousands of protesters, bystanders, and police.

Is the United States Reign of Power Over – Now Yielding to China?

China was at one time the dominant civilization, and being away from the others over a gigantic mountain ranger somewhat safe from other civilizations with huge armies. Not that China’s dynasties could not have countered a large scale army or attack, they were large in numbers and military technology of the day.

Takers, Players, Partners, and Profits – Let’s Discuss US-China Trade Relations

Did you know that globalization is good, that free trade is good, and that greed is actually good in free markets because if you want more wealth, you have to produce more to get it? Either you have to work harder and longer hours to get the things that you want as a consumer, or as an entrepreneur you must deliver products and services better than your competition if you are to create wealth for yourself. The more people who participate in free markets, the more free trade that goes on, the better the people of the world will be through globalization.

Burundi Observes Independence Day

Independence Day: July 1, 2010 Independence Day is a public holiday in Burundi. After Germany’s defeat in World War I, Belgium was handed control of parts of east Africa, including the area that is now known as Burundi.

China’s Economy Starts to Grow Up

China did its consumers a big favor on June 21st, 2010 by allowing its currency to appreciate against the dollar for the first time in two years. Having also tolerated a recent wave of strikes that pushed some wages sharply higher, the Beijing government finally seems to be ready to do some economic growing up.

Bahamas Independence Day

The country gained its independence from Great Britain in 1973. Nassau, on New Providence Island, is the capital and the largest city.

The Kikuyu’s Economic Way of Life

When the Kikuyu’s original parents Gikuyu and Mumbi came across the slopes of Mount Kenya, they immediately fell in love with the place and settled there. They were farmers and the area was very ideal for this. It is here according to their oral traditions that they were blessed by ‘Ngai’ with nine daughters who got married and got children and expanded to what the Kikuyu tribe is today; the largest tribe in Kenya.

The People Found in Kenya

The people found in Kenya are categorized into forty different tribes. These tribes belong either to the Bantu, Nilotic or Cushitic speakers. The most dominant group is the Bantu and the largest tribe is the Kikuyu.

A Swedish Princess’ Fairy Tale Day

The couple celebrated a victory over detractors of their relationship through this union, officiated by Archbishop Anders Wejryd. And a grand victory it is I should say, because theirs was tagged as the biggest and grandest since Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s.

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