New COVID Subvariant in New York: What You Need to Know

Auschwitz Concentration Camp Shown in Numbers

The Auschwitz Concentration Camp was organised for Poles and they were its first political prisoners. Due to a growing amount of transports the amount of prisoners was constantly rising. In 1940 about 8,000 people were in the camp. They were almost exclusively Poles. Apart from them some Jews and Germans were also imprisoned. In that time most Germans were managing the object. In 1941 the camp was willed with about 26,000 people (about 15,000 Poles, 10,000 Russians and 1,000 Jews).

Kenya and Challenges With Poverty

How can we take care of the horrible and deplorable human conditions in the Kibera Slum in Nairobi Kenya? Can or should we build a place for all 850,000 people and then move them to it? What if they do not wish to move?

Radical Islam Threatened by Hollywood

When Islamic extremists in Pakistan blow up cinema houses, claiming that they are un-Islamic, one has to wonder why radical Islam seems to feel so threatened by Hollywood. Religious extremists are invariably threatened by the arts because the arts represent freedom of expression and a representation of the truth.

Conflicting Value Systems – The Paradox at the Heart of the American Dream

We in the United States pride ourselves in being a society that is able to assimilate and include people of every ethnic group, cultural or religious background, belief or value system. The reason being that the Founding Fathers of this great nation had a profound, inspired vision-a vision of multi-cultural, multi-ethnic inclusion-a vision of all of mankind working together for a brighter future, free from the bonds of political tyranny or religious persecution or ethnic discrimination.

Technology Reaches Farther Than Ever

Iran is very sophisticated in their Internet censorship. When Iran first started doing this, it was very unstructured and easy to get around. People had no trouble defeating the censorship methods employed by the government and it was only a minor inconvenience, but it was the principle of the blocks that angered them.

PAN Party Versus PRI in Mexico – This Could Get Interesting

It’s not unusual for Mexico to have political unrest. In fact, it is quite common in their culture. Mexicans love to tell the government how they feel, and they love to march in the streets and even cause riots when they think they are getting the raw end of the stick.

China Creates It’s Own Credit Bubble

In order to escape the impact of the global recession, the Chinese government is creating a credit bubble similar to the one that crashed the Western economies. The end result is likely to be the same.

The Cure For America’s Economy is to Mainstream a Global Mentality

Economists and financial wizards know the world is global but the American mainstream does not. News about the world needs to be mainstreamed for America to remain a global leader.

Iran’s Recent Attempt to Censor the Internet

Over the past month, Iran’s civil unrest in Tehran and other cities drew the spotlight closer as the world watched another example of the power of the Internet. From the onset of public demonstrations in response to the recent re-election of President Ahmadinejad, the government of Iran attempted to censor media coverage, going to the extremes to include ordering the news media to stay in their hotel rooms and censorship of the Internet. Hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets in Iran in protest. The only coverage of this historical event was what the citizens of Iran could disseminate via the Internet.

China Building Six Aircraft Carries For Their Six Fleets?

The Chinese government is building aircraft carriers. They say this is so they can project sea power in their regional theatre, and beyond their shores. Now they will be able to protect their interests around the world.

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