New and Improved LaGuardia Airport Almost Complete — But Still No Airtrain

Hope For The Modern Filipino Heroes!

In the life of a typical Filipino family, this situation is very common because parents would like to give better future to their loved ones especially for their children. Good opportunities in the Philippines are not abundant to achieve most of their dreams. Working abroad is one way of fulfilling these dreams.

Aspirations – India Set To Become A Hub Of Academic Activities

A conscious effort is in place to provide a necessary boost to the knowledge economy of India. The 11th five year plan targets to increase the GDP allocation to education from its present level of 3.5% to 5% by the end of the 11th plan.

A Rat In Tibet

The mercurial Rat of the Chinese zodiac has popped up in Lhasa, Tibet this past week, bringing pro-independence demonstrations and anti-Chinese violence with it. Having announced its arrival with a crippling blizzard last month, will it next set its eyes on Beijing’s Summer Olympics?

Understanding this Amazing Spanish Culture

The Spanish economy is similar to that of the US in the fact that it is a consumption-based economy, rather than oriented to savings which is the Dutch economy. This fact is one of the contributions of a very interesting cultural element.

The Abortion Debate in Jamaica

Abortion is a felony crime in Jamaica. Anyone found guilty of self-inducing an abortion, or assisting someone in getting an abortion may be subject to life in prison. Even with penalties this steep, Jamaican women are risking imprisonment and sometimes even death in order to end an unwanted pregnancy.

Juarez Mayor Pleads For Help President Sends Troops

Juarez Mayor pleads for help President sends troops.The Mexican President responded by sending more than 2.000 Mexican soldiers which arrived in Juarez to fight drug traffickers waging a war in the streets of the city, Mexican officials said. Mexico’s defense secretary, General Guillermo Galavan said at a hastily called news conference today in Juarez Mexico that over 2.000 solders and over 400 federal police officers would patrol the streets and operate checkpoints at entrances to the city.

Sydney CBD Office Market

The Sydney CBD commercial office market will be the prominent player in 2008. A rise in leasing activity is likely to take place with businesses re-examining the selection of purchasing as the costs of borrowing drain the bottom line. Strong tenant demand underpins a new round of construction with several new speculative buildings now likely to proceed.

Nuclear Threat From Mexico

Detonating a nuclear weapon in or over Juarez, Mexico is the same thing as detonating one in El Paso, Texas: The difference is it may be a little easier to effect in Juarez. From the heart of downtown El Paso to downtown Juarez is just a very short distance. Or a bomb on the international bridge dividing the two countries empties into Avenida Juarez in downtown Juarez, on the south and El Paso downtown to the north could do the…

Smart City Kochi

The state of Kerala has been switching between rule by the left parties and the Congress-led parties, every five years , almost as a ritual. While political pundits call it the ‘Anti-incumbency factor’, in reality we know that the people of Kerala, with a much-vaunted high literacy rate, think, talk, eat and breathe politics. This extreme political awareness influences their political mandates too.

Culture Shock for People Living in China

Detailed overview of what culture shock is. Learn more about the different stages of culture shock and how to deal with them.

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