Mom, Dog Shot & Killed Inside NYC Store; Gunman Caught on Camera

Can You Put Peace In Your Heart Like Nelson Mandela?

Can ordinary people overcome adversity and put peace in their hearts or is this a feat only “the Great Ones” can achieve? Read more to learn the answer…

Is NAFTA The Best Thing That Has Happened To The Americas In The Last 20 Years?

I wonder how many of my friends in The City of Mexico, New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, or Toronto know that NAFTA will celebrate its 20th birthday in January 2014? Probably very few, and those who do know might say, with NAFTA’s detractors, that there is no cause of for celebration. Yet every economist I know in Canada and Mexico believes that NAFTA has been a spectacular success. It has created better jobs and higher income in the three partner nations.

Hong Kong, With 50,000 New Arrivals Every Year, Is Becoming Too Crowded

The territory of Hong Kong occupies just 425 square miles off the South China coast, cut off from the mainland by the delta of the great Pearl River and surrounded by the warm waters of the South China Sea. Hong Kong is one of two “Special Administrative Regions” of the People’s Republic of China (called an “SAR” – in fact, Hong Kongers like myself do not refer to “Hong Kong,” but rather speak of the being residents of our “SAR”). On this 425 square miles of SAR reside some seven million people, which makes Hong Kong the most densely populated land on the planet, with something like 17,000 people per square mile.

Why Is Reincarnation an Important Subject in Today’s Environment?

Traditional religious congregations are dwindling as people find their spiritual links and collect with others doing the same. The movement into light started about 100 years ago and has progressed to such an extent that buildings are bursting at the seams where this is taking place.

Everyone Who Ever Lived Is Back in Their Bodies

The world is declining rapidly as overpopulation and climate change impact on it. The purpose was laid out in prophecies in the Old Testament that tell of all that is happening is part of the plan of God.

The Stumbling Block That Captured the World’s Imagination and Is Bringing It to an End

The Spirit promised that at the end the stumbling block will be removed and the truth revealed. That time is now! What is happening in the world is part of the plan of God and we are living through it.

Kids Sleeping on the Streets With No Homes to Return To

Without a warm bed, comfortable chairs, warmth and food in their stomachs many children are dying. This is an event that we can’t change as it is the sign of the times. The world is in crisis.

The Dead Can’t Be Punished and Nor Do They Live Forever

The ones who will inherit the earth after the devastation is complete are those who are spiritual and belong to God. Old Testament prophecies laid it out but man has confused the issue with dreams and his imagination.

The Hermit Kingdom

How can Ethiopia and the Republic of Korea share any similarities? You might be surprised to see how very similar they are at their core.

The Internet Is God’s Way of Bypassing Religious Prejudices

The degree of religious prejudice and the barrier to the truth erected by fundamentalists have prevented the truth from escaping. That is no longer the case as the Internet is playing its part in educating the masses and sending forth a new teaching to knock these things down.

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