‘Mission With Compassion’: NYC Details Homeless Plan Amid Efforts to Shake Encampments | News 4 Now

Global Food Crisis – Are the Chocolate and the Cocoa Processing Industries Up to the Challenge?

The global food scare has been a reality to Africans for as long as we can remember. But the rich countries are just beginning to feel the pinch.

Olympic Spirit Shattered by Chinese Official’s Remarks

The Chinese Communist Party came to power through the barrel of a gun and they remain in power the same way. In addition, as has been well documented, they are willing to use brutality, labor camps and a whole host of torture techniques to insure the compliance of the population.

There Will Be No Pubs in Britain

The British beer lovers will have no more pubs. In the average, 4 beer establishments are being closed daily in Britain, and the process gains speed. According to the data of the Beer and Pubs Association, there are 39 thousands of the traditional English establishments in the United Kingdom. The speed of the extinction is seven times faster than in 2007 and 14 times faster than in 2006.

Myanmar Share

The world should be outraged at current happenings in Myanmar. Yet it is not.

Will Britain Ever Join the Euro?

The Euro is a recent project in the history of currencies. The new currency was introduced more than five years ago. One way of examining a possible success of the euro is to see whether other countries would follow and also convert their currency to the euro. A better way to check this would be to focus on Britain. If they would join the euro, one could call the euro a real success. So the question is: will Britain ever join the Euro?

Zimbabwe – We Have Bullets For Each of You

One of the latest threats being made to Zimbabwe people who might be contemplating voting for anyone other than Mugabe in the forthcoming presidential election runoff is, “…we have bullets for each of you…” In fact the electoral process in Zimbabwe descended into farce last week, when Mugabe declared that he would never allow Zimbabwe to be ruled by Opposition Leader, Morgan Tsvangirai.

Why China Can Not Shut Out the US

China has been sending its youngsters to study in Western countries since their defeat in the Opium War of the 1840s. This article details some of the reasons that despite the Cultural Revolution and subsequent closed-door policies, China has never been able to completely shut out Western influence.

How Can Child Labor Be Eradicated?

Condemning child labor is not enough. One will have to look into the socio-economic reasons behind this and will have to bring out such child welfare programs for poor children, so that they can be rescued from such exploitation and they will be able to lead a dignified life.

The China Earthquake – Child Adoption

This is the second paper is in response to the work being carried out in China by counsellors in the field. China on May 12th suffered its worse earthquake for 30 years measuring 8 on the Richter scale, causing at this time over 70,000 deaths and millions of people homeless and injured. In the aftermath of the earthquake people from all over China were concerned with the plight of the children left victims of tragic parental loss and death. Good hearted people rushed forward to offer adoption of these children to give them a new home and a new beginning. This paper is to explore the psychology of what to expect from a child who will have severe mental anguish for many months if not years and to make potential adopters aware of the pitfalls of rushing to quickly to adopt what may turn out to be a problem child with severe mental problems in the future.

The Evils of Dowry System

India suffers from many social evils and superstitions. Dowry system is one of these great evils. Dowry is given in cash and kind to a daughter during her marriage. This evil is found and practiced in al sections and communities of the country in one from or another. With it are associated many other evils like greed, prejudice against women, ill treatment of girl child, bride-burning, taking of bribes etc. so as to be able to give money etc. in the marriage of a daughter. Many young women commit suicide because their parents cannot afford to give dowry. In many a case, parents borrow money on exorbitant rate of interest to marry off their daughters and spend rest of their life in great misery.

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