‘Mercilessly Stalked Her’: Landlord Recounts Chinatown Murder Victim’s Final Moments | News 4 Now

Child Poverty in South Africa

Child poverty is huge right now throughout the world. It is also a big issue in South Africa, which more people need to be made aware of.

An Important Project of a Famous Gearbox Group in Hangzhou

On 10th, August, Yu Guoqing, the vice-chairman of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) of Hangzhou, along with some other leaders, made a special trip to Hangzhou Advance Gearbox Group Co., Ltd. They intended to learn something about the major industrial project which was about adding 100 units of wind power generation boxes, 150 units of high power gearboxes that used in the marine, and 2000 units of large-scale construction machinery transmissions.

Education for Iraq and the Dinar

Iraq’s educational system was at the forefront in the Middle East before the Gulf War – when the Iraqi dinar was at its peak value. Iraq must focus on education to restore its country and the dinar.

Jews in Shanghai

More than 35,000 Jews have been continually living in Shanghai since the 19th century. This article helps you discover more about what they have brought to this metropolis.

Internet Censorship in China

Maybe the west needs to rethink the meaning of freedom for the Chinese. With the recent and rapid growth of China, it’s quickly become the center of attention of the world. Everyone’s got their eye on China, and everyone’s waiting for them to screw up.

Information on the United Arab Emirates

I love the United Arab Emirates, but I’ve noticed not a lot of people know much about this area of the world. I’ve written the following article to inform you about the United Arab Emirates. I hope you find the following article informative.

Did Jesus Condemn Prostitution?

Though the title suggests that this a religious article, it is not about the puritanical view of the evils of prostitution nor is it a moralistic comment on the participants themselves. There is no final judgment here. The occupation of prostitution envelops a lot of different lifestyles because today it is all incredibly broad. While prostitution may vary, it remains controversial and even now carries a powerful stigma.

Prostitution And The Outcasts Of India And Bangladesh

Prostitution will always be a controversial issue. In third world countries where people live on less than a dollar a day, many people see prostitution as an economic necessity. In these same countries where religion plays a major part in their lives those who sell themselves for sex, whether male or female, are shunned….. forever.

Egyptian Barracks Fire Kills Eleven

Eleven soldiers recently died after a major fire broke out at an Egyptian barracks in the ancient city of Cairo which is best known for the Pyramids. Four other people were injured during the inferno which ripped through the barracks causing severe damage.

Russian Diamonds – Their History

Diamonds are not traditionally associated with countries like Russia. This is because, although Russia is one of the most diamond-rich countries in the world, the mining of Russian diamonds did not begin until fifty years ago. The reason for this is the cold climate in Russia, combined with the fact that most diamonds are located in the Northern part of Russia – which is also the coldest part of Russia. The Russian winter, and the permafrost covering much of Northern Russia means that it was incredibly difficult to cost effectively mine diamonds. Plus, in a country where Communism ruled, there was little demand for capitalist symbols like diamonds!

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