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World War III – Stronger Currency Will Decide the Winner

Who said armies fight and win wars. In today’s world the final outcome– the fight to finish the lethal knock-out is decided in the banks vaults and corporate boardrooms. Accordingly gone are the days when gun-powder or bullets were required to cripple or kill a few hundred or thousand enemy soldiers, in today’s economic battlefield an entire country can be wiped out and its economy can be made to literally bleed endlessly without even firing a single bullet. In other words& though the rules of the game may have changed, the ultimate moral of the story is that a far more devastating and lasting blow can be dealt by shattering a country’s economic strength and fighting capability.

Just Another Day in Pakistan

Earlier today, gunmen dressed in police uniforms assaulted a police academy in Pakistan, killing twelve people, wounding over ninety police officers, and taking dozens more hostage. The attack lasted for eight hours. Accusations as to who the terrorists are go from angry Indians to the Taliban to Sunni extremists.

US Tries New Strategy in Afghanistan With India

Bush’s War on Terror Relied heavily on military options in Afghanistan, and Obama administration feels more comprehensive strategy should be adopted to tackle terrorism originating from Afghanistan. Obama is trying to get India’s support on a nation building exercise for Afghanistan. India has been part of an effective infrastructure development effort in Afghanistan.

Foreign Policy Challenges For the Obama Administration and Possible Solutions

In Iraq the problems is not security but lack of democracy. And democracy is not about elections but about economically and politically independent middle class which is lacking in Iraq. We have corrupt government that supports corruption in politics and the economy and is widely perceived by the United State and it is. Until that changes no amount of military involvement will make any difference.

New World Order Must Require G-20 Nations to Pay to Play

The President’s effort to elicit the trust and cooperation of our global community makes sense and should be applauded. The world would be better off if the U.S. remains its leader. However, in a New World order with the U.S. sharing the status of just one nation among many, I would hope that it would share its resource burdens accordingly. Going forward every member nation wanting to “play” should have to “pay” for the privilege, because partnerships work best when all partners have a meaningful stake invested in their success.

A Warning to Jews

When you see an article in the newspaper that the New York City Police Department is adding extra security to city Synagogues in anticipation of an attack, you’d better sit up and take notice. Such a piece appeared last week. In the coming days or weeks Israel will be making an important decision that will affect Jews worldwide. That decision is it’s response to Iran’s nuclear program and Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s threat of destroying Israel as soon as he has the capability to do so.

The Similarities Of The USA And The Argentinean’s Policies

According to our government, USA would be copying the policies of the administration Kirchner. We don’t know if Obama has read Peron; but it seems that some local officials read an article that published by me in a newspaper on October 1st of 2008, “USA falls for using Argentine methods.” There is not doubt that we can enumerate some similarities among the economic policies of the recent past of both countries that justify what is happening to the country of the north.

Mexico City Warned Folks of the Water Shortage, Now it is Temporarily Turned Off

Mexico City is known for many things, but one thing the locals know about is the severe shortage of water. The main municipal water supply has been shut off for three days temporarily to prevent the water from running so low that it would run out without the emergency temporary cutoff. Worse, many with undeclared (illegal wells) are now selling water to those without. Unfortunately this just takes the water table down even lower.

Indian Elections – 2009 – Part II

The second part of my observations deal with mainly the political parties and the chaos they have created under the garb of coalition. I am still unable to understand: how can a party be a ruling one when hardly 35% of votes have been given in their favour?

Pirate Stand-Off at an End

This is as it should be and it should have happened sooner. As most experienced military members will willingly relate it is a significant gain when you can let the element of surprise work in your favor. By this I mean you simply don’t wait pointlessly when you have a rescue operation in the works.

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