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“Can You Repeat That?” – 6 Tips to Reduce Our Frustration With Accents

Having conversations with people who have accents, especially in a customer service environment, can be frustrating. This article offers six helpful guidelines to keep in mind when speaking with people whose accent is different from your own.

When Mother Nature Speaks – The Haiti Crisis

Haiti – a nation in crisis. Can we help? Should we?

Ukraine Presidential Election

Does Viktor Yuschenko now want a Czechoslovakia style split up of his country? What would be the next logical step for an ideologue after beating all records for the worst incumbent electoral showing (a jaw dropping 5% of the vote)? The past month demonstrated that perhaps he’d rather burn down the house if it will not be governed by his idealized notions of what Western reform means.

The Difference in the Indian and Chinese Governments’ Approach Towards Separatism and Development

Both India and China face the problems of separatism, India in the form of an armed insurgency and China in the form of ethnic violence and protests. But there is a fundamental difference in the two governments’ approach towards this problem.

China is Not Allowing Google to Launch Its Phones

Google has hold back the launch of its first and foremost mobile phones in China, a further sign of the widening outcome of its judgment to defy the Chinese government over cyber-attacks, cyber-security and Internet freedom. The firm said in a proclamation that it was pushing back the release of Google-muscle phones made by Samsung and Motorola that had been listed for Wednesday.

Seminars and Events to Resolve the Global Issues!

It is good to know that several dignitaries have come forward to conduct seminars in order to provide a platform to all young talents who are going to be the future leaders of the next generation. World leaders are focusing on the pressing issues affecting our world. It includes global business, health, environment, political leadership, media and environment, inter faith dialogue.

Make a Difference to the World – Attend to Pressing Problems to Resolve It!

Environmental issues should be taken due notice and the politicians have to take serious action in order to solve the environmental issues. There is heavy dumping of industrial waste.

An Appeal to All Young Leaders to Be Part of the Global Cause!

An appeal to all outstanding personalities and dignitaries in various field to join the event for a global cause. Do not ignore any of the conferences held in the world. It is time, we all start thinking about this world.

Christian Missionaries in Haiti Who Made the Ultimate Sacrifice

On January 12 a 7.0 Richter scale earthquake struck the impoverished Caribbean nation of Haiti, bringing widespread death and destruction to the western hemisphere’s poorest nation. The earthquake killed at least 200,000 people, injured at least 300,000 others, leveled at least 250,000 residencies, and destroyed or severely damaged at least 30,000 commercial structures. It was Haiti’s largest and most destructive earthquake in more than 200 years.

The Best Way Forward For Europe is to Celebrate Its Diversity

It is popularly assumed that Germany is Europe’s grade A student, while the countries ranged along the Mediterranean struggle with Cs. The knee jerk reaction is to say that Portugal, Spain Italy and Greece should become more like Germany in order to get their economies back in line.

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