Marking the Capitol Insurrection, 1 Year Later

Isn’t It Time for a New Globe for the Office, Den, Study or Library?

Not long ago, I made a move, and not everything made it in one piece. In fact, I had a really nice globe and it got scuffed and crushed and let’s just say, it wasn’t long for this world. Still, I understand each and every one of us needs to take care of our Earth and apparently in the move I didn’t. I should’ve wrapped it in shrink-wrap with those little bubble bags to protect it. But the Earth is to be lived on, not shrink-wrapped.

Food Cooked With Foetal Contamination

We absorb many things through our brains that are poisoning out thinking. Not least of these is the bible which has been contaminated by man’s imagination.

NASA’s Fake Martian Photos Exposed By A Rat

The recent discovery of a photo which appears to show some sort of a creature resembling a rat or squirrel within a series of photographs taken by the NASA Mars Curiosity rover has come as a surprise to most everyone, but not to me. It is featured on a web site called UFO Sightings Daily. The web site offers a close up view of the odd anomaly, but also wisely provides a link to the original Curiosity photo located on the NASA web site. An earlier photograph taken by Curiosity several months ago showed a similar creature which more closely resembles a squirrel on the Mars surface.

The Spratly Islands And Bangsa Moro Conflicts In The Philippines

The Spratly Islands are a group of reefs and islets in the South China Sea. It is a very rich fishing ground and a source of potential oil and gas deposits. Moreover, its location is very strategic. Therefore, it has been a source of conflict among the surrounding countries. The case of the Spratly Islands have six claimants, namely the Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei, Vietnam, Taiwan, and the almighty China. These Asian countries have established their assertions on the proximity and economic advantages provided by the group of islands.

The Fear of Knowledge

Brainwashing of young children into religious or other doctrines could be construed as child abuse and even slavery. The mind once programmed cannot easily be altered to think beyond what has been absorbed from parents, society and even governments.

The Wall Built By Religions

With the participants of religious organisations standing by their mentors it is almost impossible to get new ideas into their thinking. Thus, it has been this way since the beginning of human reasoning and no one could change the status quo from that day to this.

Apple App Store Hits the Countdown of 50 Billion Downloads

The Apple App store has finally hit the countdown of 50 billion app download countdown. It took the company around five years to reach this milestone. So this achievement is being celebrated with numerous gifts for the customers. Continue reading to know more.

The Two Beasts of Revelation

There are two beasts mentioned in the Book of Revelation. The second has been identified as 666 as he established the religion and put the image of Jesus Christ up as its Saviour. The second beast is more elusive but identifiable nonetheless

The Start of the Roman Catholic Church and Christianity

Christianity could not have existed before the invention of Jesus Christ and that followed the establishment of the Catholic Church by Constantine. The nature of God has been confused by the addition of the New Testament and the conspiracy put in place by Constantine who is nominated as 666 in Revelation chapter 13.

Constantine Established the Catholic Church and All of Christianity That Followed It

History records blood thirsty episodes by conquering heroes as great events. That’s why Constantine is called ‘the Great’. The bible calls him 666 and notes that he invented Jesus Christ and, therefore, all of Christianity. He didn’t convert to it as many claim because he was responsible for it.

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