Man Punches Asian Woman Over 125 Times in Yonkers Hate Crime Attack

Global Market is Fluctuating Due to Economic Instability

As we move into 2009, we remain cautious as we expect growth to slow down further and earnings to disappoint as slowing external demand feeds through to export-intensive Asia. Of the two, earnings disappointment poses the greatest risk. Although there have been a raft of revision downgrades in the year to date, consensus expectations are still far too optimistic and we would not be surprised to see a further leg down – particularly towards manufacturing companies as high input costs squeeze margins and as sluggish sales bite. Corporate earnings growth could very likely turn negative.

Thank You

I know a lot has been written about Cory Aquino. She was fondly called “Tita Cory” (Aunt Cory) by a lot of Filipinos. I guess it’s because she was looked at as that – a good aunt. She has gone through a lot; weathered a lot of storms in her life.

Social Significance of Chinese New Year Symbols

The Chinese culture has a lot to do with the phenomenon of symbolism. The occasion of Chinese New Year is one of the numerous aspects of the Chinese culture that is involved in the process of symbolism.

Are You Allergic to Reality?

While there are much going on in the economy as of late, it will shock you when you find out what people really want to know about online in this crazy world of ours. In a way its like many people in society have a bad allergic reaction to the thing we call ‘Reality!’

The 20 Richest People in Australia

Every year Forbes publishes the list of the richest people in Australia. 2009 showed a drop in the number of billionaires (we’re down to 9) but despite the changes in the economy these entrepreneurs proved that fortunes can still be made.

Mandela Freed, United Nations

We can only unite our nation if we are all free. While certain sectors of the nation are shackled by the burden of poverty, they the people cannot participate in liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all. Those who are sick whether mentally, emotionally, physically or spiritually are not free to participate in the pursuit of healing if they do not get help and support in their efforts to get the best treatment.

The Lounge

I stopped my truck as the street light turned from yellow to red and a mass of uniformed school children playfully teased each other as they crossed the street in front of me. The streets were crammed with people en-route to their favorite places to shed the stress of the work week. It was a Friday night in Bulawayo, the second largest city in Zimbabwe.

Democracy at Its Best – The Swiss Style!

The direct democracy that prevails in Switzerland differs from the representative democracy of the US or India, where people delegate power to the elected representatives. But the Swiss political system has both the elements of direct democracy and parliament and so it is referred to as the semi-direct democracy.

Surfing the Jobs Wave in Australia

The last few days in Australia has highlighted a strong surge in jobs as the economic recovery is on track. The stimulus package was intended to keep people working.The results were a surprise to the markets as there was an expected lag effect. Almost 100,000 jobs have been added to Australia’s economy in the past three months. The fastest job growth in three years has significant implications for employers and employees – higher interest rates, skills shortages, pay demands, higher turnover, and more recruiting.

Poland – A Great Success Story

For a country that has undergone so much adversity over the years, its people should take great pride in all that has been accomplished in such a short period of time. The current success of this nation never ceases to amaze me. This overview begins in 1795 when The Polish nation was almost eradicated from the face of the map.

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