Man Denied Heart Transplant Over COVID Vaccine #shorts

How The Earthquake in Japan Could Effect Global Trade

When Americans woke this morning to the news of a severe earthquake that ruptured Japan and set off a tsunami wave heading toward Hawaii and the California coast, no doubt thoughts turned to the safety of Japan’s people, and those affected by the earthquake and the threatening path of destruction. As the world shifts toward solutions to help these affected communities recover from the natural disaster, invariably there will come more questions. How has the earthquake in Japan affected global economy, and what does this mean for the rest of the world. While this is not the first devastation to hit the planet – and we have seen quite a bit in recent years – it is important to note that different events present different outcomes.

Our United Nations, Our World, Our Folly

We should all treasure the United Nations. As its website proclaims, “It’s your world!”

Kim Jong – Il: The Personality When a Second Born Is Elevated to the First Born Position

Kim Jong -il the leader of North Korea has been a thorn in the side of the West for as many years as he has been in the role of dictator. A look at his birth order will give the reader a better understanding of why he is such a difficult person to work with.

Smoking Guns – How We Can Spiritually Support Those Involved in Civil Unrest?

Events in North Africa and the Middle East are all part of the necessary shake-up and transition for which we have waited for eons. But how can we support the people caught up in the manifestation of transformation?

China’s 5 Year Plan – The Overall Impact on Clean Technology

China’s 5 year plan has once again stated a focus on Green sustainable energy technologies. The government already recognises that future economic growth cannot be sustained at the current pace with similar levels of high pollution and over consumption of natural resources. The energy development strategy included in this, the 12th 5 Five Year Plan (covering 2011 through to 2015) focuses on structural adjustments in energy resources.

Matters of Maritime Security Around the World

When spoken about, maritime security is directly related to sea criminals that operate in Somalia causing terror and fear among sailors and crew member. It is not news that they do exist and are a major threat to the navy and maritime security private companies, however the matter is increasing in importance. Many localized areas around the world are targeted with these kind of issues and due to the poor legislation in which still lacks to cooperate with naval workers, does not prevent many incident from occurring.

Japan in News: The Latest Earthquake Brings a Tsunami of Troubles

Last Friday, Japan was unraveled by, what may be termed as possibly one of the most devastating earthquakes ever. The subsequent 10-meter high tsunami trampled the whole of the Pacific coast of the country, sweeping away ships, vehicles, people, and homes alike.

In Iran, End of an Era: Assembly of Experts Chairman Rafsanjani Is Removed

Supporters of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad acted to remove Hashemi Rafsanjani from the post of chairman of the powerful Assembly of Experts. Coinciding with this, Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, on February 18, approved regime measures against protest movement leaders Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi, who since then have been under arrest.

Jasmine Revolution In China – Fight The Power, Creatively

Many people throughout the world cheer as demonstrators in the Arab world fight for freedom in their countries. Well, it’s time for another country, not in North Africa or the Middle East but the far East, to get their share of freedom. And the Chinese have a most interesting way of demonstrating their desire for freedom.

Personal Responsibility: Lessons From Japan

Who knows how many lives will be lost to Japan’s recent disasters before the final tally is taken? One of the most devastating earthquakes in world history, followed by a cataclysmic tsunami, along with danger from damaged nuclear plants… all enough to create crisis in any nation. Remember the ruin of Haiti in the wake of last year’s quake? But every nation of the Earth, including the mighty United States, can take lessons from the character of the Japanese people in their struggle against the adversity they now face….

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