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Five Effects of the Current Crisis in Thailand

Whatever events have led to the urban warfare inside the commercial business district in Bangkok, Thailand, could have a ripple effect outside this divided nations borders. However, there are five immediate effects this current crisis does have globally.

Child Soldiers – From Uganda to Guantanamo

The use of child soldiers in military conflicts is an issue that has been documented by human rights organizations in countries around the world, Human Rights Watch currently estimates that approximately 300,000 children are currently “serving as soldiers for both rebel groups and government forces in current armed conflicts.” Some are forced to participate under threat, others are kidnapped and many volunteer to receive food and shelter in areas where resources are scarce. Due to children’s emotional vulnerability and immaturity they are often drawn to participate in the most violent actions of militia groups and terrorist organizations.

Help Haiti – 5 Ways You Can Help Now

Although international aid was dispatched immediately with many countries showing overwhelming generosity, the fact remains that Haiti will need to be rebuilt from the ground up. Even before the January 12 earthquake Haiti was identified as one of the world’s poorest and least developed countries.

What Blocks the Basic Human Right to Food When There’s Enough Land Plus BioTechnology to Supply It?

We’re told that there is still adequate land in the world to feed its growing population adequately, even allowing for population growth. So why are so many people all over the world malnourished or starving? The answer lies in the distorted economics of agriculture and commodity market speculation.

Commemorating the Unity of North and South Yemen – Yemen Celebrates National Unity Day

Yemen Day of National Unity: May 22, 2010 Day of National Unity is a public holiday in Yemen. Yemen holds annual celebration to commemorate the anniversary of the unity of South and North Yemen to form the Republic of Yemen on May 22.

Micro Loan Disasters Considered

Running a Think Tank is an interesting thing to do in retirement, and still, I worry sometimes about folks and non-profit groups which mean well, but make really unfortunate errors in judgment when helping. Not long ago, I was discussing all this with a gentleman from India who specialized in securing money from NGOs and other groups, finding both grants and monies for micro-loans for micro-businesses. So far, he has stacked up considerable successes.

Canada – Victoria Day

Victory Day: May 18, 2010 Victory Day is celebrated as a public holiday in Canada. Victoria day in Canada is a statutory holiday and is celebrated on the Monday before or on the 24th of May in honour of the birthdays of Queen Victoria and the reigning sovereign.

Chile’s Naval Day – Revisiting the Battle of Iquique

Every year, on the 21st of May, Chile celebrates the Naval Day to commemorate the May 21, 1879 Battle of Iquique against the Peruvian and Bolivian military alliance during the War of the Pacific which took place between 1879 and 1884. It is locally known as Dia de las Glorias Navales.

Paraguay Independence Day

Paraguay Independence Day Date: May 15, 2010 Independence Day is celebrated by Paraguay. Paraguay celebrates this day of Independence from Spanish rule on May 15.

Congo Anniversary of the Name Change

Anniversary of the Name Change Date: May 14, 2010 Anniversary of the Name Change is celebrated by the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa celebrates the anniversary of the change of its name on May 14, 2009 from the former Zaire, then ruled by Mobutu and his corrupt political government.

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