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What I Remember About Kandahar

For most Americans, the word “Kandahar” conjures up images (if it conjures up any images at all) of bearded men with Kalashnikov rifles slung over their shoulders, burning schools and preaching hatred-of the West, of their own women, even of music and kite flying. For me, however, Kandahar conjures up a completely different image.

Made in Portugal – Know More About the Best Home Made Products From Portugal

Every other country would have its own unique products which are most famous in that country. Anyone who is visiting a country would like to buy the best available unique products of the country either for their use or to keep it as souvenir of that county. Like that Portugal also has so many such products which are unique and many of the products could not be found in any other country. Let us explore few such products of this country.

The Prostitution Racket

Although the middle-class has grown in Pakistan, nearly one-quarter of the population is classified poor as of October 2006. The girl child faces greater risks to survival, is more subject to violence and abuse, and has less access to education, proper nutrition and health services. The low status of children and women is a manifestation of low literacy levels, wide gaps between legislation and enforcement, and limited participation in civil society.

Will the European Commission Change International Divorce Law?

A new law is being debated by the European Commission which could alter the way many Europeans divorce. The rules, which seem likely to be accepted at least by ten member states will aim to simplify the process of divorce for Europe’s many international couples as well as protecting weaker parties in divorces of couples from different member states.

Gordon Brown and Britain’s Gold

Between 1999 and 2002 while he was Chancellor, Gordon Brown ordered the sale of about 400 tons of gold from England’s gold reserves. That was the worst possible time to sell gold as at that period the gold price was at a 20-year low. Since then the price of gold has almost quadrupled.

Sprogo – The Prison of Women For Being Women

When I think of this part of the Danish social history then I get very angry. This is too much as it is true. Had it been a myth or a legend I would have found it hard to believe and now, when I know it is true, I hate to know about it.

The Challenge to the Internationalization of Democracy

Democracy in developing countries in South America, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe have not been successful not because these countries do not have competent authorities to govern them, but largely as a result of the way these countries came into existence. Unlike western democracies which were formed by an amalgamation of states, most nations with young democracies were formed basically from the splitting of entire regions.

UK Visa System – New Rules

Depending on your nationality, you may need to apply for permission to come to the UK as a student visitor (known as a ‘visa’ or ‘entry clearance’) before you travel here. If you need a visa, you are known as a ‘visa national’.

UK Government Cutbacks Will Widen the North-South Divide

The North South divide is about to widen as the impact of UK Government Public Sector budget cuts and efficiency savings will have a disproportionate affect on Northern Britain. The focus is upon the major conurbations where the effects of these cut backs will be felt most. This article explains how grim the outlook is for individuals and what they should do to protect themselves and their families.

Post Apartheid South Africa – A Model For the Future Israel

With Israelis and Palestinians locked in a seemingly intractable conflict in which both peoples have legitimate historical and biblical claims to the same land and shared aspirations for Jerusalem as their capital, imitation of post-apartheid South Africa may be the best and perhaps only feasible means of establishing lasting peace in the Middle East. Post-apartheid South Africa is especially relevant since Israel has significantly changed the demographic nature of large swaths of the occupied territories (the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and Gaza) due to construction of Jewish settlements and because it presently bears a striking resemblance to South Africa.

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