Man Attacks SEVEN Asian Women in TWO HOURS in NYC – HAVE YOU SEEN HIM?

Still a Struggle For Identity

In India and perhaps in all the developing countries, there is an evident divergence in the city and village life not only because of a materialistic way of living, but also in the way of overlooking reality. Ignoring women’s basic rights has become a common phenomenon.

Joining Hands With NGOs

Poverty and a poor literacy rate in India contribute towards acute child labor problems in India. This has to be considered a curse where small children are unable to enjoy their childhood and unable to go to school.

Every Tribe in Nigeria Has a Degree of Tribalism – A Case For an Igbo President

I remember when the question was put to the legendary Fela Anikulapo – Kuti on what he felt about Ojukwu and the Civil War and his reply was “… is there any Nigerian that is not Tribalistic?… “And I am of the same opinion. There is no section of Nigeria that is not otherwise.

Managing Nigeria – Vision 2020

Nigeria was identified by Goldman Sachs along side ten other countries to have the potential for attaining global competitiveness based on their economic and demographic setting and the foundation for reform already laid. His prediction was based on the fact that Nigeria has been experiencing a turnaround.

Transfer Money to Nicaragua on a Prepaid Debit Card After Ensuring That Your Recipient Can Use It

Before you transfer money to Nicaragua using a prepaid debit card, you should research whether it can actually be used. Sending funds to your relative is only helpful if they can actually use the form of money that you send.

A Look at China’s Ascent

Half-gone are the theories that economic prosperity is dependent solely on communism, capitalism, socialism or some other dogma. Well, for the Chinese model, progress is anything that works.

Effective Diplomacy, Effective Diplomatic Sanctions and the International Dictatorship Tax

International sanctions on pro-dictatorship countries have done very little to suffocate these regimes. These sanctions have unfortunately translated into severe livelihoods for the impoverished populations while these governments continue to live in unmitigated affluence.

Nobody Seems to Be Asking WHY?

This too is an occupational hazard. And the fact is this is the real workforce in India called “drainage-cleaners.”

Lindsay Rosenwald – His Journey to Biosciences

Paramount Bio Sciences, LLC, a global pharmaceutical development and health care investment company, was founded and managed by Dr. Lindsay A. Rosenwald in 1991. The company facilitates drug development, scientific support and dedicates itself to finding and developing novel therapeutic medicines with large potential.

Expat Living – How UK Businesses Are Setting Up Online Shops in Spain

You have probably experienced a time when you just got sick of walking from one mall corner to the other trying to find the perfect gift for a loved one. If roaming a familiar mall is exhausting and frustrating enough, how much more if you are in an unfamiliar place? The best solution that investors and business people came up with is online shopping.

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