Long Island Woman’s Cold Case Murder Solved After 42 Years

The Scottish Government Incentivises Rail Freight

There has been a move in recent months to ease the pressure on main roads between Scotland and England by encouraging transporters to use railways rather than trucks to forward freight. This move has been backed by the government led by the Department of Transport. Ministers have proposed a grant scheme designed to incentivise freight forwarding companies to use rail rather than road transportation.

Prince William Follows in Prince Harry’s Footsteps

Prince William also goes to Afghanistan – even if only for a few hours. It can’t be easy growing up as one of the most famous people in the world. The sons of Princess Dianna – one of the most famous people of the last century, continue to try lead ‘normal’ lives. For Harry this was to participate in active service in Afghanistan.

Chinese Culture – A Conglomeration Of Multiple Cultures

The Distinguishing Features of Ancient Chinese Culture – A Long History with Good Recording of History. Chinese culture has a recorded history of 5000 years. These 5000 years can be retraced in ancient books. Few people have realized that the traditional Chinese culture is actually not one culture but a conglomeration of many cultures of different tribes and different periods.

Disasters in Myanmar, Burma and China – Thoughts and Lessons

The world was shocked by two major disasters within two weeks of each other, in Myanmar/Burma and China. It’s no secret that we’re seeing an increasing number of natural disasters and weather-related catastrophes. However, are there lessons we can learn from these tragic occurrences? And are there any implications for the environment and environmental protection?

Painful Culturist Realities In China’s Terrible Earthquake

My friend Laura sent around a call for donations to aid those killed, injured and / or left homeless by the recent earthquakes in China. This mass mailing went out to a lot of people, but as I have known Laura for quite some time I imagined what I might say to her if we had a conversation concerning her relief efforts. Of course, sentimentally, my heart goes out to all the victims.

What UNICEF is Doing to Help Children

The United Nations Children’s Fund or UNICEF is an organization devoted to saving the lives and promoting the welfare of children worldwide. The organization has made strides in preventing disease, improving sanitation and education about health and hygiene practices. It has also worked to promote gender equality in nations where women are oppressed and discriminated against.

Iran Getting High – Tech Weaponry Assistance From Syria

Most Defense Contractors of the World are working hard to insure that Western Weapons Technologies does not get into the hands of the Iranians, unfortunately, it’s happening anyway. How so you ask? Well, because nations like France are in NATO and they sell weapons to Syria and German Companies sell all sorts of stuff to Syria and Syria trades with Iran.

Adversity Builds Character For the Individual – Is the Same Thing True For Nations?

Perhaps you have noticed that the folks that go through the harshest of times and the most hardships in life turn out to be some of the nicest people you will ever meet. In fact, they seem calm in the face of challenges when all others get over stressed and complain or lash out. Why is this? Well, it’s simple really, because Adversity builds character. Now how on Earth would you think that I knew that?

Mankind’s Need to Explore

Mankind has always had a natural predisposition for exploring. To push beyond the boundaries of what is familiar, comfortable, and safe and embrace the unknown. In fact, the entire history of mankind is hung on a time line of exploration.

Bolivia on the Brink – Nationalizes US Company, Ashmore Natural Gas This Time

The country of Bolivia has been very busy nationalizing businesses and industry in their country. They have done this with water filtration plants, natural resource mines, as well as gas and oil industries. This includes; all of the infrastructure, such as pipelines. Just the other day the Bolivian government made a bold move to take natural gas pipelines and infrastructure from foreign businesses that had put up millions of dollars in investment.

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