Live Updates in Shooting of 2 NYPD Officers in Harlem

Spain’s Forgotten War – How the United States Aided Guerrillas

Few of the vacationers sunbathing on the more secluded beaches of Spain’s Costa del Sol realise that dramatic episodes of World War Two were played out here. Top-secret documents which are now open to public view reveal that for a time the Allies seriously considered invading Spain.

China Angry at US and Debt Deal – Interesting, Some Considerations

It appears that China was quite upset over the debt ceiling debate in the Congress, and the fact that our politicians couldn’t come to an agreement. This shouldn’t surprise anyone, considering how poorly the Chinese stock markets did during that debating period or right afterwards when S&P downgraded US Debt. Nor should we be surprised that one of China’s credit rating agencies decided to go ahead and downgrade the credit rating of US treasuries a week before S&P.

Ottawa Light Rail – Canadian Federal Government Pledges $600-Million Towards Project

The Canadian Federal Government is funding light rail projects in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Kitchener-Waterloo and Toronto, but at $600-million, the nation’s capital is receiving more federal aid for light rail projects than any other city. More than a decade in the planning, with several starts and stops, Ottawa is pushing ahead with the project so that at least the downtown stage is completed in time for Canada’s 150th birthday in 2017.

The Rebuilding Of Haiti

Haiti was hit by an earthquake of massive proportions on January 12, 2010. The damages that the earthquake unleashed have been huge, to say the least. The capital city of Haiti, Port Au Prince underwent almost complete destruction of all its buildings and houses.

Corruption in India: Its History, Roots and Current Developments

India, one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Why one can’t see the development? What is keeping India back?

Wisdom From A Palestinian Woman In The Shadow of the Israeli Occupation

I dare you to look into the eyes of a mother I met in Bil’in and not feel something shift deep inside your core. Her name is Suhaer Khateib, a Palestinian woman whose indescribable raw wisdom, honesty, and intensity were beyond all languages, beyond all words. Although we did not speak the same language, it was the pain and courage in her eyes that rocked every moral fiber in my being as she told me her story.

Population Control and the Business of Having Babies

Why don’t you have any children? Now that’s a loaded question and it makes me wonder about the awareness surrounding global population, the real threat of overpopulation and how it affects our existence in so many ways. Is it the plague of our generation? From China’s one-child policy to India’s failed population policies and the subsequent social and environmental issues (e.g., infanticide, gendercide, violence, depletion of natural resources, disease, poverty, famine, etc.) that have arisen, I can’t help but think yes.

Speculations About Iraqi Dinar – Is It Going to Be the Future Currency or Just a Dream!

Iraqi Dinar Speculation is really a special event that happened in history in past. This became the reason for different countries millionaires to buy the depressed currency of others countries in the best time. To solve this matter traders have produced forum community on internet to resolve this matter. Nowadays, this speculation has become the hot news that it’s right time for the traders to invest in this currency.

Somalia Has More Than Just Well-Funded Pirates and a Lack of Food

There are several hotspots in the world, and we all know that Somalia is one of them. Right now, we have a terrible problem with Pirates who are well-funded, attacking merchant vessels which are transporting goods and shipping them to markets along the African coastline there. In fact these Pirates have been spotted, and taking over vessels nearly 400 miles away now.

FinCEN Extends Its Jurisdiction Over Foreign MSBs

Finally, after almost two years of discussions, FinCEN, the division of the Department of the Treasury dealing with financial crimes, in its administrative function over the Bank Secrecy Act, enacted a new regulation that extends its coverage outside of the borders of the United States. (31 CFR 1022.380) On July 21st, FinCEN published in their Official Newsletter the new regulation called “Definitions and other regulations related to money service businesses” (MSBs).

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