LIVE: NYC Mayor Eric Adams Delivers Remarks on Keeping City Safe from Gun Violence

What Franchising Taught Me About International Diplomacy and Geo-Politics

Before retirement, I had franchised my company in many states in the United States and other countries as well. It was quite interesting to me that when you’re doing business with your customers, vendors, and partners in other countries you make friends quickly. Any preconceived notions that bother you about the culture, the structure of their society, or their government quickly become irrelevant.

Abu Mus’Ab Al-Suri’s Teachings on Fourth-Generation Warfare, Individual Jihad and Future of Al-Qaeda

The writings and teachings of Abu Mus’ab Al-Suri, who is one of Al-Qaeda’s most prominent ideologues and strategists. It laid the foundations for the current generation of followers of Al-Qaeda in the West who would be willing to engage in jihadi activities without leaving their home countries, and with little or no contact with the organization.

Will the Entire Arab World Go Nuclear – Nuke Weapons for All?

It is amazing how many nations have nuclear weapons, and it’s unfortunate because it all started with the United States. Russia had given nuclear technology to China, China had most likely given it to North Korea, and now North Korea wants to go into the nuclear weapons business, as a sideline export industry to pay for the economic travesty they’ve created there. The Pakistanis have also sold nuclear technology to Iran, Libya, Algeria, and several other nations.

Tips for Expats Relocating to Bulgaria

It takes some time for freshly relocated expatriates to comfortably settle into the surroundings of their newly chosen home country. Let’s be honest – even in some of the biggest expat hubs, such as Dubai, Shanghai or Moscow, and even after some time spent acclimatizing, foreigners are still quite easy to spot.

Freedom and the French-American Friendship

The Statue of Liberty, Normandy, Casablanca all speak of a friendship between France and America. Both countries value freedom highly.

Iran And The Nuclear Bomb

The world is aware of nuclear related activities being carried out by the Islamic Republic of Iran. However, what it is not certain about is the direction of these activities. Are they purely for the purpose of generating energy, as the leaders of Iran claim, or are they directed towards constructing nuclear weapons?

When Ignorance Is Not Bliss

I learned how ignorance is not bliss when I eavesdropped on a conversation between an American couple and a Norwegian during recent travel on a coach through Cambodia. You may have heard the old adage “Ignorance is Bliss when it is Folly to be Wise”? This ill thought out adage distracts and demeans the search for human understanding and we need be careful about what we automatically assume to be wise sayings.

Peter Pan’s Perspective on African Ingenuity

Our stereotypes of Africa often lead us to conclude that they only adapted to change because they had to. An investigation into real African lives in ancient history will show that early Africans, far from being our primordial monkey ancestors, thought and planned just as we do. Sometimes they adapted to change; sometimes they simply wanted to safety net their assets; sometimes, just like us, they simply wanted to try something new. Join me and see what kinds of innovations in agriculture, pastoral science, and social technology early Africans made!

A Guide to Applying for Naturalization

In this article we discuss the steps to applying for citizenship in the U.S. You’ll learn how and when to submit your application, and everything you need to know to get to the interview.

The Long Arm of the Cartel

An argument in favor of greater American attention to the drug war taking place in Mexico. This article mentions the growing influence that the drug cartels have in the United States and in the world.

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