Lauren Smith-Fields’ Autopsy Results Indicate Drugs as Cause of Death; Family to Sue

Will A Trade War Over CO2 Emission Affect Your Global Travel – Perhaps?

There is a lot going on when it comes to the airline industry, and all the rules and regulations which are placed upon it. While it is true that the Federal Aviation Administration, and their counterpart in the European Union have made air travel much safer, and we hardly hear of an accident these days, all these regulations are causing quite a bit of friction in the industry, and it is now affecting the traveler. Consider if you will, the restrictions being placed on older aircraft in the European Union, and the aircraft maintenance.

Beyond Differences: Seeking Understanding for Each Middle Eastern Religion

At first glance, each Middle Eastern religion presents differences that have led to conflict. With greater understanding, though, one can see that each religion holds similarities with the others.

What Are the Cultural Differences Between India and Europe?

I was giving a presentation at the Rajagiri School of Management in Cochin, India for a group of 150 MBA students. The two central themes were Outsourcing and Entrepreneurship. One of the questions that came up was ‘What are the cultural differences that you experienced between India and Europe?’. I find it always extremely hard to answer this question, because it tends to always imply huge generalizations (can we make a generalizing remark about a country with more than a billion inhabitants or a complete continent with many very different cultures in it?). But I always try.

Man-Made Famine: Holodomor

This article is about Soviet Holodomor — the famine genocide of 1932-1933 that took the lives of millions Ukrainians. My interest in this historical event was triggered by an exhibit in The Ukrainian Museum in New York City.

Will Tunisia and Egypt Recover Economically from the Days of Rage and Regime Overthrows?

Interestingly enough, Egypt was doing quite well in developing a middle-class and reducing its unemployment numbers under the Mubarak regime, and they maintained some nice GPD growth too. Many people watched on their TV and much of the commentary on CNN, BBC, and Al Jazeera spoke of a great new era with this pro-democracy movement. And yet, I cringed at what I saw as total chaos.

Are The Chinese Having a Late China Spring Round of Protests Too In Inner Mongolia?

We’ve all been watching the Arab Spring, or the pro-democracy civil unrest happening in North Africa and the Middle East. Unfortunately, this concept and these protests have been heard around the world by other populations who watch the news. China tries to censor its news, and the Internet to a large degree, but they can’t keep all of those protest events away from their citizens.

How Poverty (Number One Enemy of Africa) Has Devastated the Children of Africa

The World Food Program in 2008 called several African governments and organizations towards the issue of poverty in Africa. But the matter was not taken up seriously and poverty continues to be a burning issue. Children are the worst affected and public hospitals are packed with children abandoned by mothers.

Who Should the US Be Negotiating With in Russia – Who Will Be the Next President There?

Is the US Diplomatic “reset” with Russia about to see a change of the guard soon? One of the potential challenges with negotiating a major nuclear arms treaty is that the individuals negotiating change midstream, thus, it’s important to progress a rather rapid pace or nothing ever really gets done. Is that bad?

What Does the Afghanistan Drawdown Mean for Contractors?

Military draw downs mean less government business for Private Military Contractors. Will the multinationals step in to secure their investments?

Corruption and Social Protest – A View on Recent Happenings in India

This article attempts to explore the genesis of mega corruptions that are plaguing India and how ordinary members of the public have started their protests against the mighty. Specifically, Anna Hazare’s movement on Lokpal Bill has been analyzed.

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