Latest Hammer Attack in NYC Subway Being Investigated as Hate Crime | News 4 Now

New Zealand – Six Occupations Delisted From LTSSL

The Department of Labour of New Zealand has removed six occupations from Long Term Skill Shortage List (LTSSL) effective from 26th November 2009. On the other hand, five new occupations have been included in the list in the biannual review of the LTSSL recently.

The True Story of the Earthquake in Haiti

Patrick Hein, one of the Mauritian working for the peace maintaining force of the UNO (United Nation Organization), is one of the survivors after the seism which made thousands of deaths in Haiti. It is the information announced by Radio One in Mauritius. Patrick Hein was miraculously saved by God.

Colorful Scenery, Flora and Fauna of Japan – On New Coins

The popularity of the United States’ series of 50 State Quarters, issued from 1999 through 2008, probably inspired Japan to launched it’s most ambitious series of commemorative coins in 2008-commemorating the 47 Prefectures-and the series will run through 2016.

The Spider-Man Franchise

The Spider-Man franchise from Marvel Comics has today become one of the largest comic superheroes of all time. With more than a thousand issues in print over the past seven years, there has never been a more competitive superhero after Wolverine and the X-Men series.

Haiti Earthquake

Learn about the causes and devastation of the Haiti Earthquake. In addition, learn how to send donations and to find loved ones.

Can the Indian Elephant Match the Chinese Dragon?

Can India match China and dominate the world.This question comes to the mind of any discerning student of history as the two Asian giants set course, each in its own way. China under Mao achieved independence from General Chiang kai Shek in 1949.

Gas Suppliers in The UK – Offering Best Possible Services to the People

Gas suppliers in UK are trying their best to provide the excellent services to the users. Most of them started online services also. You can get the information about the suppliers via online and offline resources and can take the decision. Applying for the gas supplier is possible through online method also.

Haiti’s Devastating 7.0 Earthquake at Port Au Prince

This article discusses the 7.0-magnitude earthquake that hit Port-Au-Prince, Haiti on Tuesday, January 12th, 2010. It talks about the impact and the death toll.

Importance of Higher Education in Developing Countries

Education plays a pivotal role in the development of the country. Sound education system ensures sound economic system. Education helps a country get rid of social evils. Health care system is also directly linked with an education system. The overall development depends upon education, agriculture, industry, defense, etc.

The Armenian Genocide

Few people know that Turkey enjoys of one of the most prepared military organization across Europe. Their function is to maintain a laic control of the State, following Kemal Ataturk recommendations, and, in second instance, to preserve a valid power to constantly monitor the area around the peninsula.

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