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The Customs of a Chinese Banquet (Part 1)

There is a saying that true “business” is done outside of the boardroom. In America, if you want to talk business, the game of golf will be your solution. If you want to do business in Japan, you need to stop by a Tea House. The same theory hold truth in China, if you want anything done, a banquet can be your remedy. This article will go in-dept of banquet in China.

Break Up America? Nyet!

A top Russian official predicts the strife-torn USA will break up into six separate nations. Ha! If it happens, it’ll be more like 50.

The Differential Strategy Between Region and Regional Integration

Before making an analysis on the specific case of SAARC as a regional integration process, we can highlight the connotation of region and regional integration which is significant in this context. There is no denying the fact that on collective research regions are used in shorter sense having encountered external cooperation among regions in the field of trade, commerce, economics, export and import. But regional integration may be used in broader sense as because integrations is needed in order to maneuver the basic cooperation system in relation to the relevant regions in which the respective fields of regions are settled down virtually.

Young India Wants Change

“Enough is Enough!” This is the slogan what young India has been rhyming after the recent Mumbai attacks. The mayhem created by these attacks has really brought solidarity between Indian citizens. And this is for everyone to see.

Indian Constitution Puts Power in the Hands of Its Citizens

Democracy is for the people, by the people, and of the people. Unfortunately, in India, Democracy has been far from the people, buying the people, and off the people. India is not only the largest democratic country in the world but also a country with so many different cultures existing in harmony with each other showing the world how one can live in harmony with others irrespective of their religion, race, caste, creed, sect, etc.

Project Artemis – Rebuilding the Women of Afghanistan

In war-torn Afghanistan, much besides buildings and infrastructure has crumbled. The economy has seen ruin, and the lives of individuals, particularly women, has been harsh.

Buying the India Story

For the 20 million Indians spread across the world, India, as a real estate investment destination, was far away. You bought property there if you had to. And prayed that your money and property would be safe.

Mumbai Terror Attacks – What Does it Mean For the US?

What is the significance of the Mumbai attacks? Is the world waking up to the threat of terrorism? How should the US react to these overseas attacks?

Exposing India’s Weaknesses

India’s soft attitude towards the biggest menace of terrorism has been taken as an advantage by the militants. Ten terrorists could easily board a ship in Pakistan with a huge amounts of arms and ammunition and sail in the Arabian ocean for several days without being caught by the naval security authorities either in Pakistan or in India.

Mexican Truck Drivers – Why Stop There?

The debate on Mexican Truckers has temporarily cooled, although at some point it will likely heat up again. For the moment Congress has de-funded the experimental program that would have allowed a select group of Mexican truckers to haul freight into the U.S.

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