Knife-Wielding NJ Man Takes Pharmacy Worker Hostage Before Cops Shoot Him

The Distinguished People of Our Time

There is a land so large and vast, in the heart of Africa. This land has so many distinguished people who are respected all over the world. The land is located at the eastern part of Nigeria.

Public Manipulation Or Why Reality Is Relative

Reality is a relative notion and can be transformed to serve many purposes. That can become a really disturbing fact when it’s used for political reasons – to glamorize a man of power, to create an image that will influence the opinion of the masses, to show him or her in a truly positive light and to improve his or her reputation.

Indonesia: Disaster Comes Again

Another disaster comes to the Indonesian again after the tsunami. It is volcano. Many people become homeless during this fatal disaster. Villagers ride their motorcycles as the volcano spews smoke as seen from the village.

Chairman Mao’s Living Legacy

Russia, China and Pakistan can be our partners in trade, and in security when our interests overlap. But we should never, ever make the mistake of viewing these governments as our friends. The people who run these places are friends to nobody – not to their own people, and certainly not to us.

The Importance Of Helping Children In Other Countries

Children all over the world are dying because of a lack of food, clothing, shelter, and health care. If the lucky, well-off Americans of the world could give just a little, they could save millions of lives.

Another Pakistani Plane Crash Leaves No Survivors

A private airliner filled with 21 Pakistani passengers and an Italian travelling to the site of a foreign oil company crashed near the Karachi airport as soon as it took off. This was a charted flight by an Italian company carrying its employees at work for their weekly shift. The pilot reported the control tower of engine immediately after takeoff and while returning back it crashed into an open field.

Protect the Children and Save the Dignity of the Woman

In the past month or so, we in the southern part of India have seen many children being kidnapped for ransom. In a couple of cases the children were killed. One of the horror cases was where both brother and sister were kidnapped by acquaintances.

Emerging Aspirations Of Obama

The article is a perfect round up of the causes behind the Obama’s visits to India. Writer tries to understand the impact of the new India-US strategic ventures in the south east Asia.

Unjust Treatment of the Makah Tribe

It wasn’t until 1994 that the gray whale population lifted to a point where it was removed from the Endangered Species List. After being lifted from the Endangered Species List they began a five year monitoring program. It was not until the gray whale was taken off of the Endangered Species List completely that it became legal to hunt whales again.

Anatolian Sheepdog Helping to Save Endangered Cheetah

Cheetah Outreach, an education and community-based programme founded by Annie Beckhelling in 1997 on a farm on the outskirts of Cape Town to raise awareness of the plight of the endangered Cheetah, now employs the Anatolian Sheepdog to help save the cheetah from extinction. The Anatolian Sheepdog is also known as the Kangal dog and is the preferred name in Turkey from where it originates. The Kangal dog is regarded as the national dog.

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