Jarring Narrative Emerges in NYC Street Shove Death as Accused Woman Awaits Release | News 4 Now

5 Myths Americans Believe About Vietnam

Myth 1. Religion is not tolerated in Vietnam. Quite the contrary! Sometimes I read stories on the web about religious persecution in Vietnam, but what I see here in Ho Chi Minh City is a very religious people, far more religious in general than Americans.

Mirror Embroidery Textiles From Jaipur and Jodhpur, India

The diversity of regions in India has led to a varied range of handicrafts which have become popular all over the world for their uniqueness. Mirror work with embroidery is a specialty craft from India.

How Would You React If a Journey Back to the Village Involved Taking Your Life in Your Hands?

As you walk away from meeting your friend, or drive away from a shopping trip, or cycle along a familiar road, imagine what it would be like if your journey involved taking your life in your hands. In one village in southern Sudan for the first time in years all the routes out of the village have finally been cleared of mines!

ALBA’s Attack on Developed Nations Makes One Think – What Are They Talking About?

Hugo Chavez of Venezuela has convinced a few nations to come under his umbrella by promising them various things, and too by manipulating their elections. Nations like Bolivia, Ecuador, Nicaragua, and Argentina among them. He has a little group going now that is called; The Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (ALBA). This group has target the United States as evil and has made some demands and declarations.

It’s the Flu

Some compare it to the Spanish flu of 1918 that killed an estimated 30 to 40 million people. Some believe it is being overdone. Whatever be the truth…

Leisure in Indian Society

In the leisure sector, there is a whole new set of Indian icons gaining popularity and respect. There is a pride and confidence in all things Indian. Indians are also adapting western notions to the requirements of changing times. This is different from merely aping the west.

International Child Abductions Are a Two-Way Street – US Compliance is Not a Rule But an Exception!

The Sean Goldman case has catapulted the issue of international child abduction into the public eye, particularly in the United States from where the little boy was abducted by his mother to Brazil. The subsequent death of the mother and continued retention of Sean Goldman by his stepfather, a noted Brazilian lawyer specializing in Hague Convention cases has sparked an international controversy between the two countries. Much has been made of the lack of compliance by the Brazilian authorities with the Hague Convention as well as numerous and repeated findings of non-compliant behavior of Brazil and other Hague Convention signatories …

Dining Etiquette Around the World

One of the quickest relationship builders is to break bread with someone. Regional and ethnic cultures place high importance on relationship building around a meal. Understanding the proper etiquette can make this opportunity to form strong bonds with others highly successful. Not understanding can lead to irreparable harm.

Mandatory Democracy?

In view of this some political leaders have demanded voting be made mandatory. Well, how do you enforce it? By getting the abstaining voters arrested or withdrawing basic facilities from them or making them pay more tax and money?

Recession – A Drop in Demand? That is Not What is Happening at All!

I’ve seen it mentioned here and there that a recession is marked by a drop in demand for goods and services. This however is not true… There is no drop in demand. There is however a drop in the availability of that which the consumer uses to EXPRESS demand: money.

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