Is Crime on the Rise in New York City? Here’s How 2022 Compares So Far

Arundhati Rai and Her Opinion on Kashmir

Recently Arundhati Rai, the woman who wrote ‘God of small things’ and won the Booker prize made a comment at a symposium that that Kashmir was never part of India. The veteran writer Kushwant Singh in his column commented that perhaps the lady was not aware, as to what she was referring as Kashmir has 3 distinct parts and it is only in one part that an insurrection sponsored by Pakistan is on. The other two parts of Kashmir namely Ladakh and Jammu are both non Moslem and do not want to secede from the Union of India….

The Tokyo War Crimes Tribunal and the Dissenting Judgement of Justice Pal

At the end of the Second World War, General McArthur United States Far Eastern Commander established a war crimes tribunal in 1946 with the ostensible reason to try Japanese leaders as ‘war criminals’. This was after Japan had surrendered in the aftermath of the two Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. A number of Japanese political and Military leaders were tried for crimes against peace.

Iran and the Bomb – An Interview with Stephen Walt, Harvard Professor of International Affairs

In this interview with The Majalla, Stephen Walt provides crucial insight into Iran’s regional ambitions. With history as his guide, Walt’s perspective serves to calm the alarmist within us while opening our minds to different points of view. Still loyal to the balance of power theory, Walt argues that when leaders have forgotten about the importance of this approach in politics, they’ve tended to get into trouble. As a pillar of America’s success in the Middle East, the US leadership should return to the balance of power principle, but avoid meddling into the affairs of others.

Belt Drives Selection Criteria and Use Standards

The open belt drive has parallel shafts rotating in the same direction, whereas the cross-belt drive also bears parallel shafts but rotate in opposite direction. The former is far more common, and the latter not appropriate for timing and standard V-belts, because the pulleys contact both inner and outer belt surfaces.

The Social Costs of Arms Trafficking

In mid November, Viktor Bout, the infamous arms trafficker, was extradited from Thailand to the US. Despite this victory, the detrimental effect that arms trafficking has on human security is unlikely to decrease with his absence.

The Value Of Money In Our Present World

With money you can do many things, you can buy the latest car, live in the most comfortable apartment in the word, move with the most influential people on earth, visit anywhere you want to visit at anytime, live this life to its fullest.

Let’s Buy Canada, Ay? It’s About Time Canadians Become Americans

Only the arrogance of a Canadian can explain why our friends to the north are overly critical about the way we do things here in America. With so many Canadians making their way south for the winter and so many of them end up staying either as illegal immigrants or as legal cross over citizens, it is no wonder why Canadians hate us so much. So here is our firm and final offer: The United States of America hereby offers each and every Canadian Citizen ( only living ones, not like the 10% dead ones that voted in their last election) One Hundred Thousand American Dollars ( $100,000), in return for their country and the esteemed and honorable right to become Citizens of the United States of America. Buying Canada at $100,000 per person would mean we would have to spend $3,000,000,000,000 to buy the country or $1335 per acre. Where can you buy land for $1335 per acre? No where in the United States. They even have some buildings on it. What a deal!

Russian Giants

The names themselves, heavy with their cargoes of k’s, y’s and v’s, are at once familiar. When strung together, they suggest the colour and richness of the culture their owners helped to create: Tolstoy, Dostoevsky and Chekhov, Pasternak and Solzhenitsyn, Tchaikovsky, Rimsky-Korsakov and Stravinsky, Nijinsky and Pavlova and Diaghilev. And the towering works these great artists have produced – War and Peace, Crime and Punishment, The Cherry Orchard, The Nutcracker, The Firebird – possess a resonance, a strange power that sets them apart from the cultural achievements of other nations.

Japanese New Year Traditions

Their are many Japanese New Year traditions that are still followed. It is similar to Western Christmas’ where everyone gathers together for the holidays.

US Sub Prime Crisis and Effects on Canada

The global financial system in US, the world’s most advanced economy suffered a terrible blow out that substantially led to spread of bankruptcy in major financial institutions in different countries across the globe. This, therefore, called for an immediate intervention of the world’s most prosperous nations to get to the very brink of the financial crisis and resolve it as early as possible.

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