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Kazakhstan’s President-for-Life to Chair the OSCE

Forget the fact that Kazakhstan is not, by any generous interpretation, a European state. What about the fact that one of the least free and most corrupt states in the world will be chairing an organisation meant to promote human rights and democracy? Well, we all survived Libya chairing the Human Rights Commission.

POEA – The Role of POEA to Cut Placement Fees

POEA helps to check if agencies are legitimate, if registered or illegal. It is up to the common Filipino to take the risk of sneaking through the backdoor, unaware of the authenticity of their work papers. It is therefore, advisable that every overseas worker checks all the documentations at POEA before they decide to pursue their plans so they can save a lot on recruitment fees and avoid being victimized by illegal recruiters.

Life in Darfur

The brutal war against innocent civilians rages on in Darfur, Sudan. Hundreds of thousands have been murdered and millions have been displaced.

Sifton’s Sheepskins – The Plight of Ukrainians in Canada

Families were so poor that if there was only one coat, each would have to take turns wearing it. The poverty and hopelessness were compounded by prejudice.

Oktoberfest – World’s Largest Fair

Oktoberfest is a famous 17-day festival held in Munich, Germany each year. It is one of the most famous events in the world and many other cities across the globe hold Oktoberfests modeled after Munich’s festival. This year Oktoberfest in Munich is Sep. 19th – Oct. 4.

Water Wars Are Coming – Water Challenges May Be Beyond Negotiation Soon

Looks like Iraq has more than just a few issues to deal with. Just when we thought they got rid of all the terrorists, insurgents, and sectarian violence, now they have a severe water problem. The Muslims believe that water should be free to all; that is their teaching. But Turkey is already short of water and they can spare no more into the ancient rivers, which flow through Baghdad. This is becoming a huge issue.

Revel Casino Finds Interesting Partner to Finish Construction

Atlantic City is kind of like a paradise that never quite came to fruition. It was a good idea – in fact, a great idea. Beach, gambling, shows, what more could you want from a vacation? But instead of becoming the multi-day destination for wealthy executives from New York, Philadelphia, and DC that Mr. Trump and others were anticipating, it became a somewhat seedy mecca with lots of retired bus trippers. Atlantic City was eclipsed by a much more remote destination in desert of Nevada.

Political Process & Urban Youth Development In Niger Delta

At in-dependency in 1960, the Nigerian population was about 50 million. Currently we are an estimate 158 million, meaning that 120 million Nigerians are below the age of 43 years. If those above 60 years are only about 38 million, it therefore means those between the ages of 18- 43 years are the majority. That is about 110 million. Registered voters are currently 130 million according to Electoral Commission of Nigeria, clearly more than half of those eligible to vote are 18 years and above. The pertinent question is therefore: where are the rest of potential voters as out of the 110 million registered voters, only less than 80 million voted in 2007?

Consumer Electronics – New FDI Destination

Indian Consumer Electronics segment is in a transitional phase now. It is shifting from its icon of luxury and status symbol of the elite to a major contributor to the Indian economy. Many big foreign players are investing in India and establishing their manufacturing units to tap the Indian as well as global consumer durables market.

Dangerous Freedom

Education, which is the right of all citizens, has become the status symbol of the rich and the wealthy. In Nigeria, almost everything is in comatose – road network, electricity, water, etc and the government is either not doing enough or is not perturbed, at all.

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