How Did Lauren Smith-Fields Die After Bumble Date? Family Outraged by Police Investigation

Online Money Transfers Offer a Solution to the World’s Unbanked Population

A new system of online money transfers offers a solution for the 2.5 billion adults who are currently unbanked. The innovative approach allows U.S. Residents to use the internet to send money, on reloadable debit cards, to their families and friends overseas.

Attending CHOGM? Get to Know What It Is

CHOGM is a major event to be held in Australia This year. Getting to know this event will only make your visit that much more enjoying. By having a right schedule and know how, you will be sure to enjoy this event to the fullest. If you have a family and plan on attending this event, read on.

Exit Routes For Despots

How many ways are there for an oppressed population to shake off its oppressors? So far, the revolutions of the Arab Spring have shown us two.

True Grit

One of my first political memories as a small child was Tiananmen Square. I was eight years old at the time and remember watching the evening news as, night after night, masses of people gathered in that square, in defiance of a tyrannical government, to demand the basic human right of liberty. I remember when the soldiers of the “People’s Liberation Army” were sent in to massacre those pro-democracy demonstrators. And I remember the powerful image of a lone man who fearlessly planted himself directly in the path of a column of tanks, and would not let them pass.

Recognition of Hindu Divorces in New York State

A Hindu divorce decree obtained in India in accordance with Hindu Marriage Act of 1955 may or may not be recognized and enforced in the State of New York. Such recognition, when it happens, is based on the concept of ‘comity’ in private international law.

The Story of Africa – What Does Africa Mean to You?

What do you think of when you think of Africa? Does you see people who are happy or sad? What story does the name Africa summon in your mind?

The Latin American Affair

President Obama briefly mentioned a much needed free trade agreement with a couple of Latin American countries in his forceful message to Congress about jobs; such a deal with Colombia and Panama has not yet been approved by our legislature. This light reference to what used to be our primary backyard under the infamous Monroe doctrine has become a forgotten part of the world under both Bush and Obama.

Less Developed Countries and Foreign Aid

The reasons why developing nations have usually been eager to accept aid, even in its most stringent and restrictive forms, have been given much less attention than the reasons why donors provide aid. The major reason is probably economic.

How Habitat For Humanity Helps To Give An Aura Of Light To The Whole World

When I first heard the word “aura” I had to look it up in my dictionary to find it’s meaning. Here is what it said: ” Aura -a distinctive atmosphere, a luminous radiation.” Wow! Can you see how that definition fits the position; the aims, ideals and the feelings the citizens of the United States have about…

Sarajevo, City That Survived

Sarajevo, the capitol of Bosnia and Herzegovina, was the center of ethnic cleansing in Yugoslavia between the years of 1992 through 1996. During this difficult time, the city almost vanished from the existence, but today, still stands proud, big, and beautiful.

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