Horrifying Crash Takes Life of NYC Man in Wheelchair

Should China Promise Its Citizens Free Education, Health Care, and Pension

The Chinese People are starting to wake up and question their government, and they are using the Internet and seeing what else people in other countries have. They want things too, and they are making these desires well known. But if you think the United States has a tough time trying to appease the masses and pay for health care, social security, and other things just think if we had a population the size of China; 1.3 Billion stated, who knows the actual number.

Middle Class Goals in China – Retire in a Small Resort Community?

How different are the Chinese Middle Class with their dreams and ambitions compared with other first world nations? Not much say some. In fact, some suggest that the goal of most middle class Chinese is to retire early and wealthy to an isolated community in a resort like setting.

US Debates on Health Care As Seen by the Chinese

When the US has a national discussion or a series of debates, the rest of the world watches; why? Simple, we dominate the World Media. Everyone knows what we are talking about; so, what do they think about this in the rest of the world?

How Can the Chinese Culture Penetrate the Barriers in Other Nations?

Some folks believe that the Chinese Culture is having problems breaking down the walls to promote its culture, an ancient culture of over 10,000 years. For those who believe this, I completely disagree, in fact, it is my contention that China has penetrated cultural barriers, for instance during the Olympics. Competing in sports and showing what the athletes were made of.

Chinese Logic Versus European Logic Discussed

Many will say that Chinese logic and European logic are different, and that China could advance its culture and civilization by borrowing from Europeans and their logical methodology. Sure, that makes sense, but one must be careful as to what one adopts without regards to the value. So, on one hand I would say well, yes, I totally agree.

Does China Need a Social Or Organizational Theory on Distribution of Social Wealth?

No one can argue that China has greatly grown its economic status in the world through borrowing components of capitalism. Red China, a communist country, is looking less like a communist state each year, as her economic might advances. Some who have held onto at least many of the fundamental ideals of communism believe China is missing the boat on her way to becoming a Super Power.

China is Thirsty For Raw Materials & Just Can’t Get Enough

China has tons of natural resources including iron ore, uranium, coal, copper, and well, just about everything you can think of. However, it cannot set up the infrastructure, rail, and distribution networks quick enough to get all it needs to produce all it does. All meaning everything that China exports to the rest of the world that desires the products it can produce.

Generational Gaps in China Considered

Is the rapid pace of society and civilization growth in China causing conflict between the new way forward and the old way of thinking? Many in China believe it is and many of the younger generation want faster progress while many older folks do not. Still, I’d certainly advise not to count out the older Chinese just yet!

Does China Need to Think More Like Foreign Nations For World Power Validation?

Many philosophical thinkers see China as almost an experiment for foreign ideas on society, civilization building, economic commerce, and all sorts of ‘isms’ and thus, some Chinese thinkers question their own direction, or which way to move or which train to jump aboard. Still, it’s important for Chinese not to feel that way, although one can easily understand the issues and points of contention of these issues. China must do what works and it’s very different in China so things that work elsewhere may not be transferable, and they shouldn’t be forced unless they make sense.

Does China Need Radical Change to Grow Globally?

Many contend that China needs to adjust the way they do things in the world, and that there are too many older folks running things now. This is an interesting topic, but one has to ask if indeed, bringing up the next generation to run the nation can be done without a huge amount of friction and civil unrest. Maintaining stability is essential for such a fast growing China, with GDP growth of nearly 10% year-over-year.

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